Violent Night Around Boston – Fatal Shootings In Mattapan And Roxbury

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh is pleading with the general public to reduce acts of violence and to help investigating officers acquire necessary information to help solve five separate shootings that took place Wednesday night. Mayor Walsh issued his statement this morning following the alarming news of these shootings that spanned across three different suburbs outside of Boston. The shootings, while unrelated, are equally disturbing in nature. In his emotionally emphatic statement, Mayor Walsh said that “I am extremely saddened and disturbed by the violence that took place overnight in our community; this has to stop.”

In light of recent events unfolding across different areas of Boston, Mayor Walsh has repeatedly called for an end to the ongoing violence. Fatal shootings in Boston have declined since those reported in previous years, but non-fatal shootings are on the rise. Mayor Walsh is working to ensure the safety of his citizens—but so far his efforts appear to be in vain. While Boston police and law enforcement agencies in the surrounding areas are working hard toward eliminating the threat of ongoing violence, the events that took place last night appear to be a setback in their efforts.

At approximately 10:20 PM in the city of Mattapan, three men were shot near 41 Hosmer Street. According to police reports, one of the victims, a man in his 20’s, died from the wounds he suffered in the shooting. The other two men who were shot at this time suffered non-life threatening wounds. No word has been given on whether or not they are cooperating with investigating officers at this time.

Another shooting took place nearby in Roxbury at roughly the same time as the Mattapan shooting. In this instance, two men also in their 20’s were shot on Ernst Street around the area where it connects to Bragdon Street. The victims, who have not been immediately identified in news reports, both passed away as a result of their injuries. A third unnamed male victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital following the incident.

Additionally, Cambridge police responded to a shooting near the Kendall Square area and discovered that an unnamed male victim had been shot and killed. Police were able to locate the driver of a vehicle seen within the area of the shooting, which took place close to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and have said that this individual is cooperating with police in the investigation into this matter. Despite this, they have said that they are still actively seeking the suspects who carried out this violent slaying.

At an undisclosed time that night, a woman was killed in a parking lot in Everett. Officers responding to the scene have yet to release the woman’s identity or any evidence collected in regards to the case. They have stated that they are also actively seeking the suspects in this incident.

Those with possible information about any of the shootings listed above are urged to contact authorities immediately in an effort to apprehend those responsible. They have provided two numbers for individuals to call if they would like to assist in these matters. The numbers are as follows: 617-343-4470 or the number for CrimeStoppers which is 800-494-TIPS.


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