Busy night last night in the greater Boston area…in terms of shootings.

At last count, five deaths took place. Others were left wounded.

WBUR and WBZ   told me the news earlier this morning.

There were shootings at 12 Ernst Street in Roxbury. Two died earlier this morning. One neighbor told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey that the suspect in Roxbury “just came up and started shooting.” Boston police believe the victims in Roxbury were targeted and that the shooting was gang-related.



Additionally, around 41 Hosmer Street in Mattapan, three men were shot last night at about 10:20pm. One man, in his twenties, was killed. The other two are expected to survive.

Meanwhile, in Cambridge, authorities say that one male victim was struck by gunshots in a vehicle that was departing Newtowne, near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus — at about 8:40 p.m. Wednesday. The vehicle was driven down Main Street toward Kendall Square, where it later stopped. This man was later pronounced dead and the driver is said to be cooperating with the police.

Earlier this morning, a woman was apparently shot to death in a municipal parking lot in Everett.

Thus far, there is no word on any arrests in any of these shootings.

In a statement this morning, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he is “extremely saddened and disturbed by the violence that took place overnight in our community; this has to stop.”

He added: “A thorough investigation is being carried out by the Boston Police, and I encourage the public to call 1(800) 494 – TIPS if anyone has any information about these incidents.”

Boston’s homicide count has now reached 19 homicides for this year.


Attorney Sam’s Take On The Aftermath Of Multiple Homicides And Other High Profile Matters

 “So”, you might be asking. “I can get the news myself. What does this have to do with me?”

Potentially, quite a bit actually.

You might be expecting me to launch into the usual warnings about unsafe streets and how this effects all of us who would prefer to live without worrying about guns pointed in our direction.

It’s true…but I’m not. Nor will I argue the common-sense point that such events drain us because of the loss of life and money (for extra police investigations, property damage or the creation of yet another fancy-named police squad).

I am not even going to remind you how, as citizens, we need to find a way to pull together to limit the number of these occurrences.

My point about the risk to you is one you may not read in many places and are certainly unlikely to hear on the commercial media.

These shootings, particularly the ones which law enforcement has already declared “connected” are now high profile homicides…and some attempted homicides. High profile matters such as these put extra pressure on the local police departments to solve them.

Five homicides in one night, in itself, adds such extra pressure.

“Ok…so how does that effect me?”

Not only do such occurrences put pressure on investigating officers, but on their bosses and supervisors as well. All the way up to their political leaders. Particularly people such as the local district attorney.

The longer these matters are unsolved, and the more they occur, brings pressure to bear. The drumbeat of “What are you doing to stop the violence” begins louder.

For some reason, we seem to be made more comfortable when law enforcement presents simple and “tough” answers, particularly when creating a new fancy named squad or operation to flash.

Very pretty…but usually not all that effective.

Anyway, the reality of this effect on law enforcement present…certain opportunities…to folks who have histories of police involvement as well as folks who don’t.

Depending on their circumstances, the opportunity can be good or it can be bad.

“What opportunities already?”

Stay tuned to my next posting…within the next 24 hours.

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