Two Everett Woman Accused in Botched Winthrop, Massachusetts Robbery and Stabbing Plead Not Guilty

In East Boston District Court, Sharnell Donahue, 31, and Diane Tuck, 51, have pleaded not guilty to the Massachusetts criminal charge of armed assault with intent to rob. Donahue also entered not guilty pleas to the charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed assault with intent to murder.

Donahue is accused of allegedly stabbing a 44-year-old woman in the chest in Winthrop on the evening of November 11 and conspiring with Tuck and a 15-year-old girl of robbing the victim of drugs. Police were able to apprehend Donahue and Winthrop because of information gathered from witnesses, including the license plate number of a vehicle seen driving away from the stabbing scene. A black ski mask, which Donahue allegedly wore during the alleged assault, was found in the station wagon. Tuck had a knife with her when she was apprehended.

A judge has ordered Donahue and Tuck to stay away from the victim. Bail was set at $50,000 each and upon posting it the women would have to wear a GPS locating device.

Massachusetts Assault and Battery
Assault usually includes a threat of violence, while battery implies the unlawful physical contact of another person without permission granted. No physical harm needs to have occurred for an assault and battery charge to be filed. In some cases, the alleged threat and intended act will suffice.

Common Massachusetts Assault and Battery Charges:
• Indecent assault and battery
• Aggravated assault and battery
• Vehicular assault
• Assault and battery with a deadly weapon
• Assault and battery upon a child
• Assault with intent to kill • Assault with intent to rob or murder
• Assault with intent to commit a felony
• Assault with intent to commit rape
There are serious consequences that come with a conviction for a Boston assault and battery crime.

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To ensure the best outcome for your criminal case, it is important that you work with an experienced Boston criminal defense attorney that knows how to work with Massachusetts assault cases.

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