Body Found in Milton Identified as NC Teen

The person who was found dead in Milton last week has been identified as a 16-year-old from North Carolina. The teen had disappeared from his father’s North Carolina home, and his father had reported him missing hours before his body was found badly mutilated.

The teen’s paternal aunt told the Boston Globe that the family already knew that he had been killed. She said that the family is trying to figure out who killed the boy and why. A spokesperson for the Norfolk District Attorney’s office told the Globe that the investigation is ongoing.

Whoever is ultimately charged in connection with this teenager’s death will need an excellent criminal defense lawyer on his side. He or she will be looking at serious felony charges possibly including murder, kidnapping and more. The DA prosecuting the case will work aggressively because this has received a great deal of media attention and was one of the more gruesome of recent crimes.

Additionally, the body was found in an upscale suburban neighborhood which generally leads to panic. When crimes start extending beyond the inner city, people start to pay attention. They become unnerved because they begin to feel that “no one is safe,” and law enforcement and prosecutors tend to turn up the heat.

Source: The Boston Globe, Body found in Milton identified as that of missing North Carolina teenager

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