Three Massachusetts Drug Dealers To Be Exiled from Boston Area Upon Release from Prison

Three men in Massachusetts who have been convicted of federal drug charges in connection to cocaine sales that they made in and around the Bromley-Health Housing Development have been sentenced to long prison terms and will be banned from the Boston area once they are released.

Amos Carassquillo, 19, Nathan Garrasteguy, 26, and Louis Garcia Jr., 21, were cocaine dealers who sold drugs at the housing development in Jackson Square. 23 suspects have been charged in the Federal and police drug bust at the housing complex. Some of the drug activities involved the Health Street Gang, which has over 100 members and is based in Bromley-Health.

Carasquillo is serving 11 years in prison. He also has been charged in another case related to Bromley-Health where he pointed a weapon at Boston police. Garrasteguy is serving 10 years, while Garcia is serving 15 years.

Their ban encompasses the entire Suffolk County area, including Chelsea, Winthrop, Boston, and Revere, Massachusetts. Carasquillo’s exile will last eight years. The other two men are to be exiled for 12 years.

Drug Dealers, Imprisoned, Exiled, Jamaica Plain Gazette, November 16, 2007

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