Massachusetts Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murdering Revere Cop

Robert Iacoviello Jr. has pled not guilty to the shooting murder of Revere Police Officer Daniel Talbot on September 29 in Massachusetts. At the 20-year-old’s arraignment in Chelsea District Court, he was ordered held without bail.

Also charged in Talbot’s murder is Derek Lodie, 17, who has pled not guilty to being an accessory to murder.

Iacoviello’s defense attorney claims that his client did not shoot Talbot. He says that police intimidated the witnesses they interviewed so that they could name a suspect as soon as possible.

According to the prosecution, Talbot and two other police officers were drinking beer and hanging out by the bleachers on the athletic field at Revere High School. Lodie and Talbot allegedly got into a verbal fight, which allegedly ended with Iacoviello shooting Lodie in the head.

At his arraignment this morning, Prosecutor Ed Zabin alleged that Talbot, who was socializing while “off duty” with other officers, was ambushed by the two defendants. Zabin claims that Lodie was offended by something Talbot said and called Iacoviello and a few others by cell phone to join him on the high school field.

At this time, Lodie and Talbot allegedly got into a verbal fight. Lodie walked into the parking lot during the discourse and Talbot followed him there. They were met by Iacoviello and Lodie’s other friends. Iacoviello then allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Talbot in the head.

Iacoviello will appear in court again on December 12 for his probable cause hearing.

Probable Cause Hearing
A probable cause hearing takes place so that a judge can decide whether the prosecution has enough evidence to charge a defendant with a crime that may need to be “bound over” to a higher court. The outcome of the hearing is based solely on the prosecution’s evidence.

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