Quincy Police Find Red Sox World Series Ring in Tuesday Drug Raid

Quincy Police officers have stated that they found a stolen 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship ring during a raid on a prescription pill operating ring on Tuesday. Responding officers also seized a large amount of drugs and money during the raid at the home located on 97 Hall Place in Quincy.

A resident of the home on Hall Place, Dennis Leclair, was arrested by Quincy Police officers following the raid. He is currently being charged with a slew of crimes, some of which include: subsequent-offense distribution of oxycodone, subsequent-offense possession of oxycodone with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drugs laws and receiving stolen property worth more than $250. Leclair will face arraignment for these charges on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if he had retained an attorney prior to his arraignment.

In addition to the arrest made to Dennis Leclair, Quincy Police officers also arrested two individuals directly connected to the prescription pill ring that had been operating out of the Hall Place home belonging to Leclair. Reports have indicated that James White of Quincy, Massachusetts and George Green of Dorchester, Massachusetts were arrested on unnamed drug charges after police witnessed the two men conducting a drug deal with Dennis Leclair. Both White and Green will face arraignment on Wednesday as well.

Quincy Police officers have indicated that Leclair had been at the center of an ongoing investigation into an Oxycodone distribution ring that had been plaguing Quincy for an unknown amount of time. Quincy Police Captain John Dougan has stated that the operation based out of Leclair’s home was a “decent sized ring” and that the police department had been provided with a search warrant before the seize that took place on Tuesday. Quincy officers were preparing their raid of the Hall Place home near the on-ramp for the Southeast Expressway when they witnessed Dennis Leclair meeting with James White and George Green. This event led to the arrests of White and Green on drug related charges as police witnessing the incident have stated that it had been an apparent drug deal between the three men.

Following the incident involving Leclair, White, and Green, Quincy Police made their raid of Leclair’s home. It was at this time that responding officers discovered the 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship ring among other things found in the home. Captain John Dougan has stated that once inside the home, responding officers uncovered a “significant amount” of Oxycodone pills, including 30 and 80 milligram tablets of the drug. In addition to the World Championship ring and the Oxycodone tablets, officers also found a money counting machine and approximately $9,000 cash.

Captain John Dougan has said that the department is unsure of where the Red Sox World Series Championship ring came from. He has indicated, however, that the ring likely belonged to an employee at Fenway Park and did not actually belong to a member of the World Series Championship team from 2004. Captain Dougan went on to say that they will make all efforts necessary to ensure the return of the ring to its rightful owner.




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