Leominster Man Arrested and Held Without Bail For Road Rage Incident With 71 Year Old

A 25 year old man from Leominster, Massachusetts is being held without bail after an incident that took place on Saturday in Barre, Massachusetts that left an elderly man badly wounded. Ryan Kobus faced arraignment on charges relating to the incident, of which included assault and battery on a person over 60 with serious injury, malicious destruction of property over $250 and disorderly conduct. Following the arraignment, Kobus was ordered held without bail and was scheduled for a dangerousness hearing next week.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening following an alleged case of road rage displayed by Ryan Kobus. Police officers received a call and went to a location near Route 122 where they found the victim lying on the side of the road. The victim, 71 year old Walter Young, was located near the Mass Water building at approximately 6:00 PM and was suffering from multiple facial injuries. Responding officers indicated that Mr. Young had been hit on his face several times and that the injuries he sustained during the ordeal were serious. The victim was transported to the hospital following the assault and has since been released. The severity of Walter Young’s injuries was not made immediately available. But responding officers have indicated that Mr. Young’s $2000 hearing aid had been completely damaged during the assault.

Police have indicated that they believe the attack took place after Walter Young, who was in Barre visiting family members, pulled to the side of the road to allow Ryan Kobus to pass after Kobus had been tailgating Young’s vehicle. It was at this time that Kobus pulled Walter Young from his vehicle and began to beat the elderly man. Kobus then got back into his vehicle and fled the scene, causing responding officers to review hours of footage in an effort to apprehend the suspect. Young provided a description of his assailant, and Police Chief Erik J. Demetropoulos said that two of his officers, Officer Joseph Brown and Sgt. James Sabourin, reviewed video from various establishments in order to determine the suspect’s identity. Chief Demetropoulos also credits the amount of responses they received via social media after the department posted a description of the suspect in addition to images of Kobus’ 1995 green Chevy Tahoe. Ryan Kobus was later arrested on Wednesday and charged with the crimes against Walter Young after being booked at the Barre Police Department.

Police officers have indicated that their investigation into Ryan Kobus has highlighted a history of violence, as well as a traffic stop that took place just two hours before he attacked Walter Young. Police had stated that Kobus has been arrested in the past for charges of kidnapping, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and assault to kill as well as threatening. No word has been given on any previous sentences Kobus may have served in connection to the other crimes. It has also not been made clear if Ryan Kobus has retained an attorney prior to his dangerousness hearing next week.


Additional quotes and information may be found at the following link: http://www.telegram.com/article/20150916/NEWS/150919287





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