Plainview Juveniles Arrested At Alcohol And Pot Filled Party

…And speaking about warning kids, there is the story about the party that has led a bunch of them to the mass arrest of 52 people Friday night.

Impressingly, the kids were dressed up for the occasion. The party was themed “Business Hoes and Ceos”, and the kids were all wearing suits, ties, miniskirts, etc.

Not so impressing were the choices of refreshments at the party.

According to Plainview police, the juveniles’ lawyers will need to contend with charges of Massachusetts’ marihuana and alcohol. Yes, particularly given the ages of those present, these treats were not legal.

And so the juveniles were joined by those who were of age at the party. The adults were arrested for providing said treats.

Many partygoers tried to explain their, according to them, non-imbibing position. For example, one Rhode Island College freshman from Wrentham explained, “We all just got together to take some pictures, have some memories. I would say half of the people who were there that night had not been drinking at all.”

Attorney Sam’s Take On Underage Drinking And Other Such Hobbies

Folks, we are coming up on prom and graduation party season here, so we may as well address this issue again now.

It is still illegal for those under 21 years of age to drink. They can get arrested and brought into court for it. If you are an adult making it available, you can get arrested and hauled into court for that as well. It does not matter if you are a bar, a parental friend, or simply a parent. You are subject to prosecution.

You may feel, “Hey, I know they are going to drink, so I would rather them do it in a safe environment.” That is very logical and, maybe even, laudable.

But you are subject to prosecution for it.

Maybe you figure you will just provide wine and beer. After all, many drink those beverages at dinner…!

You got it…subject to prosecution for it.

I know that they are old enough to drive. Yes, sure they are old enough to serve their country and face death.

They may even be old enough to speak on a cell phone while driving!

They’re just not old enough to drink.

It is also worth noting that, while we can quibble about the possessing of a small amount of marihuana for self use no longer being a crime…distribution of it is still a crime.

Under the law, sharing or providing for free is still distribution.

Every spring, there is an onslaught of these charges. Particularly with teen deaths over the past couple of years, the Commonwealth does not find this sort of thing cute.

They find it, well, prosecutable.

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