Boston Police Officer Runs Into Boston Fire Truck In Mattapan…Literally

A Boston police officer collided in Mattaphan with a Boston fire truck yesterday afternoon

While Boston Fire Department Ladder 29 was on its way to a reported car accident, and had its lights and siren activated at about 3:40 p.m., it crashed into the police officer who was driving home from work. The officer was driving his silver sport utility vehicle. The accident happened at the intersection of Harvard and Morton streets.

After the impact, both men went their separate ways to separate hospitals, both reportedly suffering non-life-threatening injuries. Apparently, the accident was such that it caused the ladder truck to swing around and crash into a traffic light, knocking it over.

Unsurprisingly, neither identity has been revealed.

While there has been no immediate word on what caused the crash or who crashed into whom. A Boston investigation is being conducted by the police.

Attorney Sam’s Take On MA Motor Vehicle Accidents And Blame

Other than celebrating that neither man was killed, you might be wondering what this blog has to do with you.


It underscores a double standard that we Boston criminal attorneys tend to see. Often, when we have had incidents where an officer is involved in some bad event, the name is withheld, while the other person involved is not only named, but the address is usually given.

Here, the other person was also involved in law enforcement. Thus, no names whatsoever.

I wonder if one of the drivers were a civilian, whether someone would have already been charged by now.

In other words, it is a reminder that how things turn out after an investigation, which often lasts a very short time, is sometimes quite unfair.

Much of it depends on the event’s circumstances…and those of the people involved.

Therefore, do not attempt to handle it yourself. If you are being investigated or charged with a crime, do not attempt to handle it yourself. Get an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you.

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