Mother and Daughter Arrested After an Alleged Shoplifting

Kyana Jinks, a 22-year-old Dorchester woman, and her mother, Prensila Jinks, a 44-year-old of Roslindale, were arrested Tuesday after Kyana allegedly left a shoe store with a pair of boots hidden in a baby stroller, which held her young child. Kyana has been charged with shoplifting. Her mother has been charged with assault and battery on a police officer for allegedly scratching the officer confronting Kyana at the scene.

A Famous Footwear (Mass. Ave. location) employee allegedly saw Kyana place a pair of suede boots in the stroller and leave the store. The employee contacted police and followed her to another store. Kyana allegedly told the officer that her name was “Elizabeth” and that the child was her niece. She allegedly said that she had no identification and that the boot was in her car, although she had no car keys. The officer, finding a single boot in the stroller, was arresting Kyana when her mother arrived. Prencila allegedly denied being Kyana’s mother and attempted to leave with the young child. The officer tried to stop her, and she allegedly swung at and scratched his hand.

Because the holidays create a great deal of financial stress for most, especially in difficult economic times like these, incidents of shoplifting tend to increase during the season. Police are well aware of that, and they are cracking down on holiday looters by assigning new recruits to shopping centers. Boston police have added 37 new officers to the “holiday shopping beat.” They are watching shoppers closely and even giving their cell phone numbers to store clerks, hoping to increase response time.


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