Massachusetts’s Suffolk Grand Jury Indicts Former Federal Prosecutor on Larceny Charges

In Massachusetts’s Suffolk County, a grand jury indicted former federal prosecutor Philip Giordano on charges that he stole at least $150,000 from his former law firm. The Boston native’s arraignment will take place in Suffolk Superior Court on January 15, 2008.He faces charges that he made false entries in a corporate book, as well as multiple larceny charges.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s office says that Giordano linked his debit card to get money from a Giordano, Champa & Powers account to cover personal expenses and withdraw cash. Giordano is also accused of paying himself thousands of dollars worth of compensation checks. ” At the time, Giordano shared the account with his law partners, Gina DeAcetis Powers and James Champa.

Giordano currently has his own law practice, the Boston-based corporate and securities law firm Giordano & Co. From 1986 to 1991 he served as an assistant U.S. attorney in New Jersey and was a former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission staff attorney.

Larceny Larceny can include taking any object, embezzlement, check larceny (depositing a check that is not yours), purse stealing, and pick pocketing. When a person embezzles funds, he or she had a legitimate reason to access the funds so the funds could be stolen. Larceny usually doesn’t involve any violence.

Under the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 266: Section 30. Larceny; general provisions and penalties defines larceny as:

Whoever steals, or with intent to defraud obtains by a false pretence, or whoever unlawfully, and with intent to steal or embezzle, converts, or secretes with intent to convert, the property of another as defined in this section, whether such property is or is not in his possession at the time of such conversion or secreting, shall be guilty of larceny…

The penalty for a Massachusetts larceny crime involving more than $250 dollars is five years maximum in prison or up to two years and $25,000 maximum fine.

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