Massachusetts Homeless Man Charged In Framingham Stabbing Attack

In Massachusetts, Eber A. Rivera, a 23-year-old Framingham homeless man was arrested on Saturday and charged in the stabbing attack of a Framingham resident on Beaver Street. Charges include assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; assault with the intent to commit a felony; assault and battery on a disabled or injured person; assault with the intent to murder or maim; and disturbing the peace.

The stabbing victim was found with multiple stab wounds. One stab just missed the victim’s heart. Police say that the injuries are very serious. The victim was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Police are trying to discover a motive for the attack. Rivera told authorities that the victim was disrespectful to him. Local police don’t think that Rivera and the victim had met prior to the incident.

Rivera was covered with blood when he fled the assault scene and encountered a police vehicle responding to a call about the attack. Rivera led police on a food chase before he was arrested.

In Massachusetts, the maximum penalties that come for being convicted of the crimes that Rivera is charged with include:

• Assault and battery: 2 ½ years maximum in a house of correction or a $1,000 maximum fine
• Assault with intent to murder or maim: 10 year-maximum prison sentence
• Assault and battery on a disabled or injured person: Up to three years in state prison
Just because you are arrested for assault and battery doesn’t mean you are guilty. There may be evidence that can be legally suppressed or motions that can be dismissed or charges that can be dropped. Your Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer may be able to work out a plea agreement with the prosecution.

Being convicted of a crime has serious consequences on your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is so important that you hire an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who will defend you and protect your rights.

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