Massachusetts High School Senior Pleads Not Guilty to Saugus Pedestrian Accident that Killed a Senior Pedestrian and Seriously Injured Her Daughter

In Lynn District Court, teenager Jonathan Caruso attended his arraignment on Monday, pleading not guilty to charges of negligent vehicle homicide, being a minor transporting liquor, and operating under the influence of alcohol in the deadly pedestrian accident that killed a 67-year-old woman and seriously injured her daughter early Saturday morning. Caruso, 18, is a Saugus High School senior who had stayed out all night with friends after attending his prom the night before.

The deadly Massachusetts pedestrian accident occurred at Grove and Essex streets. A police report indicates that Caruso told them that he had been drinking and may have fallen asleep while driving. He says he regained consciousness after hitting a street sign. A friend who was in the car told him that he had struck two pedestrians. Caruso, who took a breath analysis test after the Saugus car accident, registered a .02% BAC. The legal limit for Massachusetts drivers under 21 is .02%.

Carol Marean died from her pedestrian injuries. Her 41-year-old daughter, Charlotte, sustained critical injuries. The two of them had gone out that morning to walk their dog.

The judge ordered the teenager held on $7,500 cash bail. Caruso will also have to abide by a 7pm to 7am curfew and go back to court in July for a pretrial hearing.

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Read the Police Accident Report, (PDF)”

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