Boston Area Gentleman Needs Defense Attorney After Guns, Drugs And Cash Are Found Throughout His Home

Mr. John F., 32 of Quincy (hereinafter, the “Defendant”), needs a good lawyer.

According to law enforcement, his home housed some ill-advised contents. As a result, he is now being described as a mid-level drug dealer.

On Monday night, around 6:00pm, police raided the Defendant’s home. The Commonwealth claims that a search of the home resulted in the seizure of approximately 20 grams of crack, cocaine and weapons including two shotguns, one which had a sawed-off barrel, a 9 millimeter handgun with a defaced serial number and hollow-point bullets.

The Defendant himself was not found in the actual house. He was allegedly found in a detached garage where two shotguns and a Sig Sauer semi-automatic handgun were also discovered.

Police also indicate they found a box containing $1,100 in cash located above a suspended basement ceiling as well as another $1,700 in a bedroom, along with the 20 grams of crack found in the bedroom closet.

The Defendant lived at the home with his mother and two young daughters. Apparently, the assumption is that these items belonged to him and neither of the ladies. This may be because the daughters were only 3 and 9 years of age.

Of course, It may also have something to do with the fact that detectives with the drug unit had been investigating the Defendant prior to the execution of the search warrant, which was complete with a drug-sniffing State Police dog.

The police indicate that they believe the Defendant to be a middle-man, buying cocaine from suppliers then distributing it to street dealers.

“Police have been diligently working to stop drugs from getting onto the streets. This arrest will help, and it also resulted in the seizure of several serious weapons,” said the police spokesman.

Apparently, the young daughters were left with the Defendant’s mother, but the state Department of Children and families was notified…so one can only wonder where they will soon be staying.

Attorney Sam’s take:

Funny how finding alittle drugs and guns and money can upset a happy household.

The Defendant’s woes underscores how an investigation into you and your activities can be going on without your even expecting it. One would, after all, imagine that had whoever those nasty items belonged to realized the investigation was on-going, the items would not have been hanging around the house.

Now, the Defendant is facing potential felony charges and fair amount of pressure on the part of law enforcement to give up some information in an effort to get out of custody sometime before his daughters’ middle age.

Speaking of the daughters, the addition of DCF into the family circle is not likely to be a pleasant one for either the Defendant, his daughters or his mother. Generally, in any case where crimes have been committed in a home wherein kids live (especially in assault, sex or drug cases) DCF enters the picture early and does not leave until very late. Often, after the underlying criminal matter is long over.

DCF seems to have the opinion that a home that boasts hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, drugs and weaponry is not the safest environment for young children.

And they act accordingly.

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