Man Charged in Cold Case New Bedford Murder

Bristol County prosecutors announced today that John Loflin has been charged with the 2002 murder of Marlene Rose, whose body was found on New Bedford railroad tracks. Rose had been strangled.

Until today, no one had been charged in connection with Rose’s death, but forensic science and new evidence have allegedly connected Loflin to her death.

A spokesperson for Bristol County District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter told the Boston Globe that since Sutter took office in 2007, this is the 10th time that his cold case unit has generated an arrest for an unsolved homicide.

This news raises a few criminal defense issues. First, since this case involves forensic evidence, it is important that Loflin find an attorney with the right experts. This can be especially critical, and our attorneys at Altman & Altman LLP have a network of excellent experts. As a related point, given popular television shows about forensic science, things like DNA, fingerprints, and other forensics are often given a lot of weight by juries. These kinds of television shows distort reality in some ways, and many people tend to think that forensic evidence is the sole deal breaker/maker. Our excellent trial lawyers have many years of experience successfully dealing with this phenomenon. Finally, cold cases can present unique challenges, such as locating witnesses, that one of our experienced defense attorneys can help you with doing.

Source: Bristol prosecutors charge man with murdering woman in New Bedford in 2002

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