Attleboro Man is Third Charged in June Home Invasion

Hans Johnson, a 20-year-old Attleboro man, has been charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion. He was scheduled to be arraigned in Attleboro District Court today.
The arrest was made in connection with the June 23 beating and shooting death of 24-year-old Dylan Adams.

Johnson is the third person charged in connection with Adams’ death. Jose Polanco was charged with murder, home invasion, and armed robbery earlier this week, and Craig Fleetwood was charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion. Both Fleetwood and Polanco are from Providence, Rhode Island, and officials expect to seek to the men returned to the Commonwealth.

When facing any kind of conspiracy charge, having an experienced lawyer working for you can be a great advantage. First of all, statements from co-conspirators can be used against the defendant and frequently, hearsay rules that are meant to protect the defendant won’t be applicable. Secondly, the defendant will be considered as having adopted his co-conspirators’ actions. This even includes co-conspirator acts taken before the defendant entered the conspiracy. These unique aspects of conspiracy charges make it crucial to hire an outstanding lawyer.

Since Johnson has been charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion, he is looking at up to 20 years in prison. This is because where the punishment for the underlying crime is 20 years to life, the highest punishment for a conspiracy to commit that crime is 20 years.

Source: The Boston Globe, Third man charged in June home invasion in Mass.

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