The Long Term Dangers of Having a Criminal Record

A criminal record is an account of any criminal convictions and charges that you may have, past and present. Having a criminal record can have a severely negative impact on all aspects of your life, from finding a job to driving a car. If you are concerned about how your criminal record may impact your life, contact a Boston defense attorney today.

Having a criminal past can have negative consequences in many areas of your life. Below are some of the most common concerns expressed by individuals with criminal records.


Unfortunately, finishing your sentence and paying your debt to society doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to get a job once you regain your freedom. Many occupations require extensive background checks for employment, such as those that involve direct contact with children, law enforcement jobs, and caring for elderly patients or individuals with disabilities. And even if extensive background checks are not necessary, most employers require job applicants to complete a formal application, which often asks if the applicant has ever been convicted of a crime.

Background checks can uncover all kinds of information about criminal history, including past convictions and plea bargains. If, however, information has been erased from a criminal record, the employer will not be entitled to that information. For example, if the applicant’s record was expunged or dismissed, or if the offense occurred when the applicant was a minor, this information will not show up in a background check for employment.

Having a criminal record doesn’t mean you can’t get a job, but you may have a tough road ahead. Much of the outcome will depend on the details of your situation. When were you convicted? Have you gone through any type of rehabilitation program? What crime were you convicted of, and how does it relate to the job for which you are applying? For example, a DUI conviction ten years ago will probably have little to no effect on your ability to get hired as a grocery store clerk. But a conviction of armed robbery five years ago will likely impact your ability to get hired as an aide in a nursing home. If you are concerned about your ability to find a job following a criminal conviction.Immigration

If a foreign national receives a criminal conviction, extensive immigration issues can follow.

This is true whether the offense is a misdemeanor or a felony. For starters, a conviction may result in the denial of your green card renewal application. If this happens, there is a high likelihood that you will be deported.

Child Custody

Child custody cases consider the best interest of the child. For this reason, the character of each parent is a significant factor in the decision-making process. Therefore, a criminal history can have a severely negative impact on child custody proceedings. Depending on the type of offense, age of the conviction, and the victim of the offense, the court may set limitations on custody and visitation. When more serious charges apply, such as sexual abuse, the court may terminate parental rights entirely.

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