Couple Accused of Running Massachusetts Prostitution Parlor

A couple has been arrested for allegedly owning and operating a prostitution parlor in Tyngsboro. Yuanchun Pi, 60, and Charles Stewart, 66, each face one count of maintaining a house of prostitution. Pi also is charged with one count of engaging in sexual conduct for a fee.

The couple owned and ran Tyngs Tarry Massage Therapy until it was shut down last week. The Massachusetts town of Tyngsborough issued the cease-and-desist order after an anonymous tipster notified police that “illegal” activities” were taking place in the building. Another woman, Yin Hang, was also arrested and charged with sexual conduct for a fee.

Hang, Pi, and Stewart are to be arraigned at Lowell District Court.

Online ads for the business offered massages for $70/hour and $50/half hour. Owners touted the massage salon as a “clean and relaxing” for clients to bring their “stress and pain.”

Engaging in Sexual Conduct for a Fee
In Massachusetts, even if any sexual conduct did not occur, a person can still be charged for sexual conduct for a fee if an offer or agreement was made. The defendant can be the person accused of offering the sexual favors in exchange for money or the one who allegedly agreed to pay for the sexual favors. Either way, it is important that a person charged with a Massachusetts sex crime speak with an experienced Boston criminal defense law firm that knows how to successfully represent clients charged with prostitution.

A person convicted of engaging in sexual conduct for a fee can be ordered to spend up to a year behind bars. If the defendant is convicted of agreeing to pay, offering to pay, or paying to have sexual conduct with a child under age 14, he or she may be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

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Chapter 272: Section 53A. Engaging in sexual conduct for a fee; engaging in sexual conduct with child under age 14 for a fee; penalties, Massachusetts General Laws
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