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One thing about prostitution-related prosecutions. It doesn’t matter what state it is in (except Las Vegas I guess). Law enforcement loves to celebrate its “genius” and “hard work” after success from a “sting” on the matter.

Camden County Prosecutor Mary Eva Colalillo and Cherry Hill Police Chief William Monaghan announced on its website the fact that 30-year-old Javann Hall (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) of Massachusetts pleaded guilty in his Cherry Hill human trafficking case.

We began this discussion on Friday. As you will recall, the Defendant faces a recommended sentence of seven years in state to one count of second-degree human trafficking.

Law Enforcement says it discovered the Defendant’s crimes during an undercover prostitution detail at a hotel last year. 2015. His criminal acts include dropping the unnamed woman at the hotel. She had solicited what turned out to be an undercover officer after she had been advertised online.
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One thing we have not spent a great deal of time on in this blog is the question of jurisdiction. In other words, what determines where criminal charges are brought?

While, like most things in the justice system, there are exceptions, the general rule is where the crime allegedly took place. In other words, if Rhode Island Ricky is alleged to have shot and killed New Jersey Nicky in Massachusetts, then it would be up to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to prosecute the murder.

That is, assuming the case was to be handled in state court.

It is, therefore, not unusual that someone from one state is prosecuted in another state no matter where he or she lives.

In the case we discuss today, the defendant-at-issue, 30-year-old Javann Hall (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) is from Massachusetts. However, on Monday, he pleaded guilty in a case of human trafficking in New Jersey.

According to the Boston Herald,
prosecutors say that the Defendant faces a possible seven-year prison term when he is sentenced on April 1st.
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A little cold today given that we continue to go from Spring to Winter within hours? The snowfall making you chilly? Want to warm up?

Well, here is way not to do that. It seems that our criminal justice heroes, in the face of gangs, heroin deaths and traffic fatalities, have returned to fighting the most vicious of crimes.

We are talking about the nonsensical battle against the oldest profession…prostitution.

No, not human trafficking or rape….voluntary sex for a fee. The solicitation of it.
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16-year-old Philip Chism (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) is having all sorts of trouble in Salem Superior Court, according to the

As if being charged with rape and murder were not enough, the judge overseeing his trial has found that he is competent to stand trial. He apparently tried to find a way out of the trial earlier this week, by refusing to enter the courtroom.

That did not prevent the continuing of the trial either.
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We usually encourage teachers who take a personal interest in students. Not always, though. Sometimes, we figure it is going too far.

This case involves such allegations.

28-year-old Elizabeth Backler (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) was a North Shore educator and swim coach at north Andover High School. While she is no longer so employed, that is where the facts at issue are alleged to have taken place.
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Michael Pupura (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) is 36-years-old and from Westwood. He is also learning an important lesson in criminal justice reality. If the allegations against him are true, he is learning that the system does not forgive violent criminal acts just because the accused is polite or tried to mitigate psychological damage on the victim.

The Defendant was arraigned Monday in Roxbury Municipal Court. He currently faces two counts of aggravated rape.

He has pleaded “not guilty”.

According to the Commonwealth, the Defendant followed the woman out of a Boston supermarket, forced his way into her apartment and, therein, raped her twice. He is then said to have apologized and explained to the woman that his actions were not a “reflection on her” and that it was not her fault.
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Defense lawyers for the 19 year old Tunbridge, Vermont teen accused of raping a fellow classmate in 2014 have asked for a judge to dismiss the felony charge against the teen that would force him onto the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. Owen Labrie was acquitted of felony rape charges, but he still faces a felony charge for using a computer to orchestrate the encounter with the unnamed girl last May. If convicted of the felony computer charge, Labrie could face up to 11 years in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Owen Labrie’s lawyers requested on Friday that a judge either dismiss the felony charge or prevent Labrie from having to be listed on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. The request comes after months of back and forth between the two parties involved in the alleged rape that resulted with Labrie being convicted of sexual assault charges a few weeks ago. During the trial, Labrie stated that he had a sexual encounter with the underage victim two days prior to his graduation from the elite St. John’s Prep School in Concord, New Hampshire, but that the two did not engage in sexual intercourse. The alleged victim claimed that she consented to meet Labrie at a private location on the school’s campus, but that she had told Labrie “no” on three different occasions after their meet-up had turned sexual. She has stated that she was under the impression that the two would kiss and nothing further, even though a friend of the victim stated to authorities that the young girl had said in a private conversation that she would agree to oral sex with Labrie if the two were to meet up. The entire ordeal unraveled as a sort of he-said she-said debate. The trial ended with Labrie being acquitted of felony rape charges but still being convicted of lesser sexual assault charges since he was 18 at the time of the encounter. Continue reading

Hello there!

Remember me? Some call me “The Bull”, but here in the Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog, I am just plain ol’Attorney Sam. I want to thank my associate, Ian Keefe and the good folks at Altman & Altman, LLP, for helping me in this blog when I am unable to post. But after an unfortunate absence, I am back to give you my “take”.

As many of you know, I hang my personal hat in the North Shore…a place where criminal catastrophes occur as often as…the rest of the Bay State. Why, just this weekend, at least one dead body was discovered at Revere Beach. Today, however, I turn to a recent story from Gloucester.

Douglas Campbell, 46 years of age and, today, the “Defendant”, is not a free man today.


Earlier this year, the Defendant served time in connection with a convictions of larceny and check fraud. Now, based on allegations stemming back for more than several years, he is back in custody.
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A recent increase in sexual assaults near Harvard Square has prompted police officials to issue a warning to advise women who work and live in the area to be on alert. The most recent in this string of assaults took place on Tuesday night at approximately 8:30 PM. A woman reported that she was indecently assaulted by a man near the intersection of Garden Street and Massachusetts Avenue, stating that the unidentified male bumped into her shoulder before he proceeded to grab her buttocks. When she confronted the man, he fled on foot.

The woman attacked on Tuesday night has stated that the man who assaulted her was a black male in his 20’s, approximately 5’9” to 5’10” tall, with a stocky build and short hair. He was wearing a white t-shirt at the time of the assault. Police have indicated that prior assaults resulted in a similar description of the suspect in question but that they are unsure if the assaults are related. In previous instances, such as the indecent assault that took place on August 30th, police have apprehended suspects in relation to these crimes. The suspect who assaulted the woman on Tuesday night near Harvard Square has yet to be detained by police.

Cambridge Police have been working closely with the Harvard University Police department in an effort to increase awareness and offer extended protection to women who live and work in the area where the assaults have taken place. Additional assaults have been reported by individuals near Garden and Brattle Streets, as well as along Massachusetts Avenue. Cambridge Police have arrested three different individuals in connection to a few of these crimes, but their investigation into further matters is still ongoing. According the release issued by the department, they have stated that they are “cautioning women who live, work or frequent the Harvard Square area to be aware of [the] recent increase…” Harvard University has offered extended shuttle hours to their students, and Cambridge Police have added additional patrols to the Harvard Square area in an effort to maintain a high level of safety.

The jury selection process has begun for the trial of a 19 year old Vermont man who has been accused of raping a 15 year old girl as part of an alleged tradition at the man’s former prep school. Owen Labrie, of Tunbridge, Vermont is facing several charges in relation to the rape that took place in May of 2014. He has pleaded “not-guilty” to each of these charges.

Labrie’s trial is slated to begin this Monday, with his testimony scheduled to take place on Tuesday at Concord Superior Court. According to news reports being released on this matter, Owen Labrie had been speaking to detectives for quite some time leading up to the start date for his arraignment. In the sworn affidavit produced by detective Julie Curtin, Labrie painted a vivid picture of the disreputable traditions that took place at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. St. Paul’s is an elite boarding school well known for the alumni it has produced in previous years, such as current Secretary of State John Kerry, and actor Judd Nelson to name a few. The revelations provided by Labrie have been shocking to those on the outside looking in—but statements from those involved in the inner workings of the school detail a private knowledge of what had been taking place behind closed doors.

St. Paul’s School has seemingly had a longstanding tradition in which older boys at the school attempt to take the virginity of younger female classmates prior to their graduation from the academy. The tradition, allegedly referred to as the “Senior Salute” has been taking place for an unknown amount of time. The school had started admitting female students in 1971, but the tradition has only been made apparent in recent years to the administrative officials working within the school. According to statements provided by a school counselor who contacted the police after the female victim came forward with her allegations, the victim’s mother indicated that she had prior knowledge of this “Senior Salute” taking place at her daughter’s school. Continue reading

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