A little cold today given that we continue to go from Spring to Winter within hours? The snowfall making you chilly? Want to warm up?

Well, here is way not to do that. It seems that our criminal justice heroes, in the face of gangs, heroin deaths and traffic fatalities, have returned to fighting the most vicious of crimes.

We are talking about the nonsensical battle against the oldest profession…prostitution.

No, not human trafficking or rape….voluntary sex for a fee. The solicitation of it.

Thursday night, Harvey Shapiro,63, of Needham, a Northeastern professor of Jewish Studies was one of a number of men arrested by the intrepid Boston Police Department in an online prostitution “crackdown”.

At one of their many public statements that we have been discussing recently, the investigators revealed their brilliant and courageous tactics to track fiends who might have that…urge…to be with a consenting adult sexually for a fee (without a camera, of course. A camera would make it a pornographic movie…which would be legal).

No actual prostitutes were used or endangered in this particular battle in the war against crime. Police revealed that they placed an ad on yesterday and at about 10:30 a.m. Professor Shapiro called saying he wanted a half hour appointment for $125. He requested a GFE, police said, which is short for “girlfriend experience,” which police said was a form of sexual role play that includes intercourse.

Police said at 12:15 pm the professor knocked on the door and cops made a call to the cellphone that arranged the date in order to confirm his identity.

Using methods that might rival the legendary Sherlock Holmes, they had caught themselves a true danger to society. A horny man.

Friday, as folks braved the road conditions to get to court, the desperados were brought before the Boston Municipal Court to face criminal charges of soliciting sexual conduct for a fee. They were ordered to stay away from the Back Bay hotel that police used as the site of the purported rendezvous and the Professor was ordered to stay away from

Apparently, the Boston Herald actually asked the professor the stereotypical question of how he was feeling as he was in court.

The answer was that he was “not great” and that it was no fun appearing in court, “especially when you’re innocent,” prior to his case being called.

According to his Northeastern biography online, Shapiro is the author of several books such a as “Educational Theory and Jewish Studies in Conversation: From Volozhin to Bucascz.” His bio also states that he works with Boston Public Schools supervising student teachers.

“Boston Public Schools has no record of Professor Shapiro working as a district employee or contractor,” according to a statement from the school district.

Northeastern University said it was aware of the allegations against Professor Shapiro. It further stated that, “Northeastern University will evaluate the entire set of circumstances around the allegations involving Mr. Shapiro and decide on the appropriate personnel action in accordance with our policies.”

Attorney Sam’s Take On The Absurd And Continuing War Against The World’s Oldest Profession

Folks are getting shot almost every day. Some shooters are caught; some are not.

Bomb threats all around the Commonwealth’s schools seem to be a daily ritual.

Overdoses on “bad heroin” has become a major concern.

And you mean to tell me that the priority is to bust a guy who wanted a “girlfriend experience” and ruin his life?

“Yeah, but Sam, this guy is in a position of influence. Do we really want someone like that being a professor?”

As far as I can see, he teaches student teachers. About educational theory. Does the fact that he fell for law enforcement’s trap baiting him for sex really make him ineligible for that?

What if he dated someone who was particularly “loose”? Perhaps it would be best if we had educators swear an oath of celibacy. After all, that seems to be working so well with the clergy…!

“Well, he probably just gets a slap on the hand. What’s the big deal?”

I suppose your point is well taken assuming the criminal record, potential loss of career and family are not very substantial.

Ok…so what does this have to do with you, my reader?

Simple…be aware that, particularly when faced with real crime against which the “good fight” seems to be failing…oh, perhaps the “bad heroin” epidemic for example…be wary if you are about to engage in something suspicious or even illegal.

When law enforcement needs good press…any type of police scam which will present results is what they run to.

Some might say it is a real shame that this type of story results in “good press”.

But who am I to say?

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