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Usually, a stroll to the local CVS Pharmacy is something that you can assume will be non-eventful.

Not in Stoughton. Not last week.

Last week, three kids allegedly entered a Stoughton CVS, had words with another teen and then shot him.

In Twelve Step programs, one of the steps to recovery is to “make amends” to people you have wronged. Well, while I am not involved in such a program at present, I do owe you, my readers, an amends. I left you hanging during the police cam festivities, hinting that I was going to be returning to shining the light of truth on that notorious department…the Department of Children and Families.

Well, the police cam controversy is over for now and I will wait a bit longer before I return to the truth of …Them. Instead, let’s look at a more recent criminal case about which you should be aware.

Especially given the fact that we are probably going to be inundated with data from the police cams.

It involves a criminal appeal which, lo and behold, actually recognizes a particular reality  which we have discussed many times in this blog.

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Well, last week was supposed to house “the day”. Police Body Cam Day. Certain Boston Police Officers were to be dragged, apparently screaming and kicking, into the controversial body-cam pilot program.

As you may recall, this was going to be a voluntary selection. To sweeten the experience, the Department even offered a sizable financial bonus to said volunteers.

Not enough though.

Despite expectations that the blue-clad folks who claim to always act according to the great trust we place on them…no such volunteers showed up, according to the Boston Herald.

You might find this somewhat surprising. After all, the police and prosecutors often take the position that they cannot understand why folks would be afraid to be videotaped in the outside world…unless they are doing something wrong. Similarly, they cannot comprehend why one would not run to the police if they are the victim of a crime (as in the “first reporter is the victim” scenario we have discussed).

They regularly intimate to civilians that, if they feel they cannot simply be candid, and need unnecessary and evil creatures like defense attorneys present, then they must have something to hide.

After all, of course, as one attorney who regularly represents officers tells us, “Officers usually do the right thing, so they should get it on film.”

Sounds reasonable enough.


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Take family dynamics, guns, drugs and a bail hearing and you never know what you will come out with.

Well, actually, folks at Dorchester municipal court last Monday found out.

Pedro Valdez, 33, and Lasonia Gathers, 27, (collectively the “Defendants”) were arrested over last weekend on felony drug and weapons charges after a search of a Dorchester home uncovered measuring scales, multiple plastic bags containing heroin and cocaine, and a loaded semi-automatic handgun inside a child’s bassinet, according to police.

For those who may not know, there are strict rules for safely keeping firearms. A child’s bassinet does not qualify as a safe place.

For an number of obvious reasons, many of which are probably self evident.
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The holidays can be a stressful time.

There are certain do’s and don’ts that we have many times discussed as to ways in which one can release the pressure.

For example, going to a therapist or a close friend to discuss the emotional turmoil you are facing is a good one.

Taking out a handgun in public and pointing it at someone’s head tends to be a bad one.
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Well, the trial of 26-year-old Michael Stallings from Boston (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) is over. While it ended in a conviction, the defense is likely counting it as a “win”.

The Defendant was acquitted of the top count, Murder in the First Degree, but convicted on the lesser charges of Involuntary Manslaughter and gun possession.

The facts arose out of a sadly frequent scene we have all heard about. Gang violence. Gang warfare.

The Defendant claims that someone from a rival gang began shooting at him on a street in January 2012. The Defendant fired back into a crowd of people. His spray of bullets did not hit anybody, but obviously caused some folks to flee.

One of said “folks” was Kelvin Rowell. He was 40 years old and at the proverbial “wrong place, wrong time”. No connection to the gang violence.

He did have asthma though.
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This morning, as I entered Brighton District Court, I noticed the familiar sight of a roomful of reporters and cameras waiting around for a chance of catching a piece of what would pass for action in the case of Andrea Massa.

Mr. Massa is the Marshfield gentleman who was arrested yesterday at the Boston University graduation. He stands accused of having tried to carry two handguns into the ceremony. Today, at his arraignment, 28-year-old Mr. Massa was ordered held on $100.000 bail according to officials.

Today was his arraignment and Massachusetts bail hearing.

At least 75 people were arrested yesterday by the Boston Police Department during a targeted raid in the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury.

The raid, called “Operation H,” took place around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning in an effort to crack down on drug deals and gang-related violence in the neighborhood before the beginning of summer. As of mid-afternoon yesterday, 75 individuals had been arrested for violent and drug-related crimes including cocaine and heroin dealing. At least 14 individuals were indicted by a special grand jury and arraigned Tuesday morning in Suffolk Superior Court. All of the individuals arrested, according to police, were considered dangerous and had been involved in gun violence.criminal-defense.jpg

Most of the charges against the gang members were brought on by a targeted narcotics investigation. According to Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis investigators had been building their case against gang members for several months.

“Detectives videotaped the suspects selling illegal drugs to undercover officers from various locations. The suspects were openly plying their drug trade, victimizing the community and creating an atmosphere of fear — today’s arrests will give residents back their neighborhoods,” Davis said.

Investigators will be now be seeking search warrants for several residences to gather more evidence for the case, as well as pressuring individual group members to provide additional information about several unsolved violent crimes around the city, including the January shooting of a 13-year old boy. The boy, Gabriel Clarke, was shot while walking to choir practice on Humboldt Avenue. Clarke fortunately survived the ordeal, and police believe that he was an innocent victim who was caught in the middle of a violent gang rivalry.
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This Boston criminal lawyer has been around long enough to recognize what may be the tip of an upcoming criminal justice iceberg.

Late last week, three Everett residents were brought in and arraigned on various possession charges. They stand charged with Massachusetts gun and drug charges. Included in the listing of the firearms is allegedly a gun that had been stolen from the Chelsea District Court evidence locker two years ago, according to Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office.

The arrests took place after the execution of a search warrant at the home shared by Jeffrey Sanon, 30; Liban Ali, 21; and Malensky Oscar, 21, (hereinafter, collectively, the “Defendants”). According to documents, law enforcement was not even looking for the drugs and guns. They were actually on the trail of a laptop that had been taken from a Winchester business. Law enforcement indicates that an anti-theft tracking device installed on the computer indicated it was currently located in the home.

Whether it is gun possession, assault with a dangerous weapon (to wit: a firearm) or use of a gun in a drug trafficking case…the rules for Massachusetts gun charges are about to change..

The aftermath of last week’s tragic Connecticut shootings have brought the issue of gun-related crime to the forefront again. This time, however, it seems clear that federal and state laws will be changed as a result. Further, the approach by law enforcement is likely to be even tougher in crimes in which firearms are used.

Firearms have become an omnipresent part of our society. While people differ as to the merits of gun control legislation, nobody is in favor of violent crime…particularly when guns are used in the furtherance of that violence.

It will come as no surprise to any regular reader of Attorney Sam’s Take that our criminal statutes, as well as how they are enforced, are often effected by current events. Horrific tragedies such as the Newtown killings pull at our heartstrings with the force of a sledge hammer. The media gives voice to our cries for a solution to ensure that it never happens again. In response, our political leaders, both in and out of law enforcement, either try to solve the problem…or, at least, appear as if they are trying to solve it.

Quite often, it is the latter, as in the case of our yet-existing waste of political action regarding anti-bullying.

This time? Well, that remains to be seen. However, you may be sure that the Commonwealth is going to do all it can to seem ever-aggressive when it comes to firearms.

“You mean in terms of gun control?”

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