Boston Wonders If Doctors Will Be Arrested For Homicide In Michael Jackson’s Death

Between press conferences that threaten to bring the Professor Gates’ arrest for disorderly conduct back into headlines, Boston joins the rest of the world in watching the latest Michael Jackson thriller. This time, it features potential clashes between the legal and medical professions and may well end up starring over a dozen doctors teamed up with their very own criminal defense attorneys.

Los Angeles detectives and coroners have been very busy gathering information on doctors who have treated Michael over the years. In fact, their pursuits have included making the requisite showing to courts in order to get subpoenas and search warrants to obtain medical files and search residences as well as offices.

It has apparently been determined that Jackson was taking a lot of drugs. No, we are not talking about illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. These are legal drugs…so long as you have a valid prescription. However, when misused, they can be life-threatening. It is said that Michael used more than two dozen aliases in order to get these drugs. Nineteen of these identities are apparently mentioned in affidavits used by law enforcement to secure search warrants in their investigation. These 19 were said to have been used in connection with Dr. Conrad Murray.

Dr. Murray was apparently Jackson’s primary doctor who had a very “hands on” attitude when it came to Michael. According to according to Kai Chase, a professionally trained chef hired by Jackson to, ironically enough, maintain a healthy food regimen, Dr. Murray was at the scene of the death. On that morning, however, Dr. Murray did not follow his usual procedure of taking Michael his breakfast foods and bringing down his oxygen tanks.

On the day that Jackson died, Ms. Chase saw the doctor do neither…which was a sign that something was wrong.

Dr. Murray spent a lot of time with Jackson and was a frequent visitor to the house at various hours, including in the evening.

While law enforcement is being understandably closed mouthed about their investigation, it certainly has all the markings of a homicide investigation. Some say the main target is Dr. Murray. Others believe there are several targets.

All law enforcement will reveal is that the Jackson case could be the biggest of its kind when it comes to doctors who enabled celebrity patients to fuel their drug addiction … and that the criminal charges could “loom large.”

Attorney Sam’s Take:

Even in death, Michael Jackson and his lifestyle do not disappoint when it comes to mystery and headlines. You might think that the police investigation was enough intrigue for one family…but not this one. The body is missing. Family members are fighting over the custody of the children who may or may not be Jackson’s biologically. While Michael was undoubtedly an extremely talented man, it would appear that he has left a legacy which has the talent to live on and entertain even without him.

But, a police investigation is a police investigation and I would imagine that attorneys for the various doctors are reminding their clients that, despite the media attention, what is going on here is precisely that. Search warrants have been issued to enable the police to search various homes and offices. A proper showing had to have been made to the courts in order to get those warrants.

While Dr. Murray’s spokespeople are issuing statements that he is “cooperating” with law enforcement, we do not know what that means since search warrants were still needed. If Dr. Murray simply gave consent for the searches, no such warrant would have been necessary.

Since shortly after his death, it was clear that this was going to happen. For example, on July 8th, it was already clear that homicide was suspected.

“Hey, Sam, what does Michael Jackson’s death have to do with me?”, you ask.

“Plenty”, I answer. Because this is another case wherein intelligent people who perhaps thought they were not doing anything illegal will be investigated and likely charged with a crime. This time, it is homicide…the big one.

Over the past quarter of a century in the criminal justice trenches, I have represented several people who simply made judgment calls, perhaps trying to please eccentric employers, which, in the light of day months or years later turned out to be either illegal or suspicious.

It happens.

So, be aware. For all my experience, I have yet to meet the perfect “never made a mis-step” person who could never be suspected or charged with a crime.

If you find yourself being suspected or charged, you want to take immediate steps to protect yourself. Get an experienced defense attorney to protect, advise and, if necessary, defend you.

If you suspect you are being investigated and wish to discuss your matter with me, feel free to do so by calling me at (617) 206-1942.

Until then…

Have a happy, safe and law-abiding weekend!

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