A Defense Attorney Reviews The Evidence As Youths Are Arrested For Robbery And Assault

While we were all watching the recent episodes of “The Professor And The Officer”, did you know that other arrests were taking place? It would appear that even more violent crimes than disorderly conduct were still being committed around the Boston area and defense attorneys were being assigned or retained to handle them.

Let’s take three teenagers in Stoughton who were arrested early Monday morning for armed robbery for example. They stand accused of allegedly robbing a pizza delivery person at knifepoint.

Two adult youths, Reynold E., 18, (hereinafter, “Defendant 1”) and Jeovanni A., 19, (hereinafter, “Defendant 2”) were charged with various counts of conspiracy, assault and battery with dangerous weapon, and armed robbery while masked. A 14-year old female (hereinafter, the “Juvenile”) was also charged with similar counts in the alleged conspiracy.

The purported victims were a female delivery person ( hereinafter, the “Employee”)from Papa John’s Pizza and her boyfriend (hereinafter, the “Boyfriend”). After the alleged robbery and assault, they returned to the shop and called 911 in the early hours of Monday morning.

The incident began shortly after midnight when the Washington Street pizza establishment received an order for three pizzas to be delivered to a Britton Avenue address. The Employee and Boyfriend drove to the location where they were met outside by the Juvenile, according to law enforcement. It is said that the Juvenile did not live at that address and that the defendants randomly chose the address and used a cell phone to order the pizza.

While the Employee waited for the Juvenile to pay, a masked man approached her from behind, held a knife to her arm and demanded money. When she said that she did not have any money, he allegedly struck her, resulting in her falling to the ground, police said.

The Boyfriend apparently jumped out of the car and pushed the male off the Employee. He then ripped the assailant’s mask off, revealing the face of Defendant 1, who, in turn fled from the scene.

While the Boyfriend was fighting with Defendant 1, one of the other defendants is said to have taken the three pizzas and the Boyfriend’s cell phone. The investigating officers interviewed the Employee, who said she recalled seeing two men earlier in the evening on Phillips Avenue. The men, she told police, were wearing the same matching pajamas that the two male perpetrators were wearing.

Randolph Canine Officer Geoffrey Lucas and his dog, Rony, initiated a search and the dog led the officers to a residence where the three About-To-Be-Defendants were found.

Not only that, but the stolen Papa John’s pizzas, which were clearly labeled for delivery to the scene of the robbery were also found, as was the knife.

Soon thereafter, the trio were identified by the Employee and the Boyfriend.

Attorney Sam’s Take:

While perhaps not to the same extent as police officer, pizza delivery person can also be a dangerous job. No badge, gun nor power to arrest for things like Disorderly Conduct go along with it, though.

This is clearly a case where an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a difference. Already we can see that there is likely to be an issue regarding identification. Under the stressful and rather quick happenings at the alleged robbery, how much can we rely on the witness’ identification of the defendants? The knife being found is a problem for the defense, but then, it is not unusual for teens to be walking around with knives these days. But then…there is that pizza box.

But then…what exactly were those “markings” on the box?

On the other hand, if there was really a robbery, with three attackers no less, wouldn’t you expect a wallet, or the Employee’s money to be stolen? There is no mention of that here.

While I know that some will simply see this posting as another example of those troubling attorneys manipulating the truth to get someone “off”, it really isn’t. It is, however, an example of the thoughts of an experienced criminal defense attorney considering the facts from various angles so that the first potential explanation is not necessarily considered Truth Incarnate simply because it was the first.

Many are the instances where Truth is stranger than fiction and, oh yes, there is that whole thing about the three young defendants’ future being at stake…!

If you have a criminal matter, or fear you may about to have one, and you wish to review the facts with an experienced defense attorney, feel free to give me a call. The number is (617) 206-1942.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!

For the full article concerning today’s posting of the Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog, go to http://www.wickedlocal.com/stoughton/news/x889023557/Police-catch-pizza-delivery-robbers

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