Attorney Sam’s Take: Harvard University Campus Is The Scene Of Robbery, Assault And Shooting

After a week nursing an eye issue, I am back to my Boston Criminal Law Blog…although it may take another week or two to go daily. I plan to blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. Hopefully, the other “mini-blogs” are keeping you informed, if not entertained, in the meantime. However, in my absence, I see (to the extent that my temporary eye patch will allow) that not very much has changed. College campuses are still the scenes of crime, shootings continue and police officers continue to assault and be assaulted.

Let’s take Cambridge’s Harvard University for example.

Kai Robert Kruger, 21 (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) ran into a bit of trouble on Harvard’s campus this weekend. According to authorities, he was arrested after firing a gun at a police officer and attempting to rob three Harvard University freshmen at gunpoint.

Apparently, the Defendant had stolen the students’ wallets, credit cards and cell phones before the officer’s arrival.

But then, his luck began to turn.

According to Cambridge Police, an officer was patrolling Brattle Street at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday morning when he came across the four males, one of whom appeared to be acting suspiciously. When said officer went to investigate, the Defendant abandoned his activity and fled across the street towards a nearby construction site. He also shot at the pursuing officer when he caught up with him.

Generally a bad idea under any conditions.

It would appear that Fate (or Karma) entered the scene when, after missing the officer, the Defendant fell down the set of stairs he had been standing on.

No more running. No more shooting. Just the Commonwealth bracelets of shame and a jail cell.

Isolated instance? Well, maybe However, it is the second armed robbery around the Harvard campus in the past several days, following the mugging a man in Harvard Yard early Thursday morning.

Since Thursday’s incident, the Harvard Police has added additional officers on patrol and have increased their visibility in and around Harvard Yard.

Meanwhile, the Defendant is expected to be brought to court to face charges of armed robbery and assault with intent to murder. Outside of the courthouse, the police are trying to see if the Defendant can be linked to Thursday’s violent episode.

There is no question that the Defendant is in a great deal of trouble. However, he is lucky to still be amongst the living after showing the mind-numbingly bad judgment of shooting at the police officer. Given the atmosphere in the Boston area these days especially, he could have easily been shot and killed by the officer who had been chasing him.

Maybe it was his Guardian Angel who pushed him down the stairs.

If you are being chased for or charged with a crime, shooting at the investigating officer is not the way to handle it. Neither, by the way, is running from the scene. As I have often suggested, such choices lead to worse consequences both in and out of the courtroom. Better to go quietly and then hire experienced counsel as soon as possible. If you would like that person to be me, please feel free to call me to arrange a free initial consultation at 617-492-3000. Yes, I am still handling my cases, eye patch and all!

In the meantime, “see” you Wednesday!
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