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Darkens Bonnett (hereinafter the “Defendant”) is a gent who stands charged and convicted of first-degree murder.

Well, at least he was.

The Defendant’s case has been remanded back to trial court to deal with a problem regarding discovery. The Supreme Judicial Court found prejudicial error in his case upon reviewing the appeal.
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There are some cases where it is best for defense counsel to offer no comments before he receives specifics of allegations against his clients.

These include matters where there are many moving parts and competing interests.

Cases like when one’s liberty is caught between law enforcement and the caught-in-the-public’s-headlights, the Department of Children and Families.

The case of Alexandrea Delyla Chadwick, 22 years of age and hereinafter, the “Defendant” for example.

The Defendant was just in Worcester Superior Court to plead not guilty to charges that she was, at least in part, responsible for the abuse of her boyfriend’s 7-year-old son (hereinafter, the “Son”). Authorities say that the Son was starved and burned.
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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker presented a reform of the Department of Children and Families on Monday. The reform highlighted a series of steps being taken in an effort to fix the immense issues that have been plaguing the department in recent years. Following the death and serious injury of several children under DCF care, there have been multiple calls for reform to the struggling department. Governor Baker had been facing immense scrutiny for his perceived lack of initiative in beginning the reform. But the new policy announcement that took place today has shown that Governor Baker has been anything but complacent.

Governor Baker has stated in the past that he believed that the Department of Children and Families had “fundamental issues” that needed to be fixed in an accelerated manner. Just recently he began this improvement by naming Linda Spears the new DCF commissioner. Once Spears was hired for the position in February of 2015, she immediately went to action issuing reforms for the various fragmented pieces of the department. One of the main reforms she began to instate was the call for additional CORI checks for potential and existing foster families. The new policies outlined by Spears also included photo documentation for children, as well as updated guidelines for social workers visiting families involved with the department.

The new reform taking place has provided specific steps that have one main objective in mind, in the words of Governor Baker himself: “…to keep kids safe.” Too many tragedies have befallen the young children under DCF care, and the reform presented on Monday will help combat these tragedies from occurring yet again. Governor Baker’s presentation included six clear initiatives that will help keep the focus on the children. Continue reading

The ever-photogenic Michelle Carter, the Connecticut teen accused of assisting in her boyfriend’s 2014 suicide, and hereinafter referred to as the “Defendant”, is in the news again.

You may remember the Defendant. In fact, the good folks at Altman & Altman, llp posted a blog in my absence about the case on September 9th.

In summary, the Defendant, now 18-years-old but 17 at the time at issue, is accused of involuntary manslaughter. The Commonwealth has alleged that she helped to cause the death of Conrad Roy III, although he, in fact, committed suicide.
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A massive fire that took place at an abandoned mill in Haverhill, Massachusetts is the work of four juveniles from the town who are not yet being identified by law enforcement officials. The eight-alarm fire burned down the entire mill located at 30 Stevens Street on Sunday, September 20th. The juveniles in question have been arrested by the Haverhill Police Department and are currently being charged with setting the mill ablaze. They are expected to be arraigned during a juvenile session at Lawrence District Court on Thursday.

Haverhill Police Detective Captain Robert Pistone, who is also the spokesman for the Department, has stated that two of the juveniles in question are 15 years old, one of the juveniles is 14 years old, and another juvenile involved in the fire is 16 years old. Law enforcement officials did not immediately identify the name or gender of the juveniles facing charges for the mill blaze. The Department made their announcement on Wednesday night following their investigation into the matter to determine whether it had been an accident or arson. Continue reading

Michael Pupura (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) is 36-years-old and from Westwood. He is also learning an important lesson in criminal justice reality. If the allegations against him are true, he is learning that the system does not forgive violent criminal acts just because the accused is polite or tried to mitigate psychological damage on the victim.

The Defendant was arraigned Monday in Roxbury Municipal Court. He currently faces two counts of aggravated rape.

He has pleaded “not guilty”.

According to the Commonwealth, the Defendant followed the woman out of a Boston supermarket, forced his way into her apartment and, therein, raped her twice. He is then said to have apologized and explained to the woman that his actions were not a “reflection on her” and that it was not her fault.
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Defense lawyers for the 19 year old Tunbridge, Vermont teen accused of raping a fellow classmate in 2014 have asked for a judge to dismiss the felony charge against the teen that would force him onto the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. Owen Labrie was acquitted of felony rape charges, but he still faces a felony charge for using a computer to orchestrate the encounter with the unnamed girl last May. If convicted of the felony computer charge, Labrie could face up to 11 years in prison and a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Owen Labrie’s lawyers requested on Friday that a judge either dismiss the felony charge or prevent Labrie from having to be listed on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life. The request comes after months of back and forth between the two parties involved in the alleged rape that resulted with Labrie being convicted of sexual assault charges a few weeks ago. During the trial, Labrie stated that he had a sexual encounter with the underage victim two days prior to his graduation from the elite St. John’s Prep School in Concord, New Hampshire, but that the two did not engage in sexual intercourse. The alleged victim claimed that she consented to meet Labrie at a private location on the school’s campus, but that she had told Labrie “no” on three different occasions after their meet-up had turned sexual. She has stated that she was under the impression that the two would kiss and nothing further, even though a friend of the victim stated to authorities that the young girl had said in a private conversation that she would agree to oral sex with Labrie if the two were to meet up. The entire ordeal unraveled as a sort of he-said she-said debate. The trial ended with Labrie being acquitted of felony rape charges but still being convicted of lesser sexual assault charges since he was 18 at the time of the encounter. Continue reading

Hello there!

Remember me? Some call me “The Bull”, but here in the Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog, I am just plain ol’Attorney Sam. I want to thank my associate, Ian Keefe and the good folks at Altman & Altman, LLP, for helping me in this blog when I am unable to post. But after an unfortunate absence, I am back to give you my “take”.

As many of you know, I hang my personal hat in the North Shore…a place where criminal catastrophes occur as often as…the rest of the Bay State. Why, just this weekend, at least one dead body was discovered at Revere Beach. Today, however, I turn to a recent story from Gloucester.

Douglas Campbell, 46 years of age and, today, the “Defendant”, is not a free man today.


Earlier this year, the Defendant served time in connection with a convictions of larceny and check fraud. Now, based on allegations stemming back for more than several years, he is back in custody.
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A 25 year old man from Leominster, Massachusetts is being held without bail after an incident that took place on Saturday in Barre, Massachusetts that left an elderly man badly wounded. Ryan Kobus faced arraignment on charges relating to the incident, of which included assault and battery on a person over 60 with serious injury, malicious destruction of property over $250 and disorderly conduct. Following the arraignment, Kobus was ordered held without bail and was scheduled for a dangerousness hearing next week.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening following an alleged case of road rage displayed by Ryan Kobus. Police officers received a call and went to a location near Route 122 where they found the victim lying on the side of the road. The victim, 71 year old Walter Young, was located near the Mass Water building at approximately 6:00 PM and was suffering from multiple facial injuries. Responding officers indicated that Mr. Young had been hit on his face several times and that the injuries he sustained during the ordeal were serious. The victim was transported to the hospital following the assault and has since been released. The severity of Walter Young’s injuries was not made immediately available. But responding officers have indicated that Mr. Young’s $2000 hearing aid had been completely damaged during the assault.

Police have indicated that they believe the attack took place after Walter Young, who was in Barre visiting family members, pulled to the side of the road to allow Ryan Kobus to pass after Kobus had been tailgating Young’s vehicle. It was at this time that Kobus pulled Walter Young from his vehicle and began to beat the elderly man. Kobus then got back into his vehicle and fled the scene, causing responding officers to review hours of footage in an effort to apprehend the suspect. Young provided a description of his assailant, and Police Chief Erik J. Demetropoulos said that two of his officers, Officer Joseph Brown and Sgt. James Sabourin, reviewed video from various establishments in order to determine the suspect’s identity. Chief Demetropoulos also credits the amount of responses they received via social media after the department posted a description of the suspect in addition to images of Kobus’ 1995 green Chevy Tahoe. Ryan Kobus was later arrested on Wednesday and charged with the crimes against Walter Young after being booked at the Barre Police Department.

Police officers have indicated that their investigation into Ryan Kobus has highlighted a history of violence, as well as a traffic stop that took place just two hours before he attacked Walter Young. Police had stated that Kobus has been arrested in the past for charges of kidnapping, assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and assault to kill as well as threatening. No word has been given on any previous sentences Kobus may have served in connection to the other crimes. It has also not been made clear if Ryan Kobus has retained an attorney prior to his dangerousness hearing next week.


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Quincy Police officers have stated that they found a stolen 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship ring during a raid on a prescription pill operating ring on Tuesday. Responding officers also seized a large amount of drugs and money during the raid at the home located on 97 Hall Place in Quincy.

A resident of the home on Hall Place, Dennis Leclair, was arrested by Quincy Police officers following the raid. He is currently being charged with a slew of crimes, some of which include: subsequent-offense distribution of oxycodone, subsequent-offense possession of oxycodone with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drugs laws and receiving stolen property worth more than $250. Leclair will face arraignment for these charges on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear if he had retained an attorney prior to his arraignment.

In addition to the arrest made to Dennis Leclair, Quincy Police officers also arrested two individuals directly connected to the prescription pill ring that had been operating out of the Hall Place home belonging to Leclair. Reports have indicated that James White of Quincy, Massachusetts and George Green of Dorchester, Massachusetts were arrested on unnamed drug charges after police witnessed the two men conducting a drug deal with Dennis Leclair. Both White and Green will face arraignment on Wednesday as well.

Quincy Police officers have indicated that Leclair had been at the center of an ongoing investigation into an Oxycodone distribution ring that had been plaguing Quincy for an unknown amount of time. Quincy Police Captain John Dougan has stated that the operation based out of Leclair’s home was a “decent sized ring” and that the police department had been provided with a search warrant before the seize that took place on Tuesday. Quincy officers were preparing their raid of the Hall Place home near the on-ramp for the Southeast Expressway when they witnessed Dennis Leclair meeting with James White and George Green. This event led to the arrests of White and Green on drug related charges as police witnessing the incident have stated that it had been an apparent drug deal between the three men. Continue reading

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