Young Girl Dies in Auburn Foster Home – Police Investigation Still Ongoing

Officials have publicly identified the foster mother who was housing two young girls in an Auburn, Massachusetts home that one of them died in. Kimberly Malpass was caring for six children at the time of the heartbreaking discovery of two girls, aged two and younger, found unconscious in their home. Malpass is the biological mother of two sons, as well as the adoptive mother of a daughter, and the foster mother to three other children, all of whom were living in the house at the time. Malpass was the one who called 911 in near hysterics when she discovered the two young girls.

The investigation into the matter is still ongoing, but initial reports released for this case have indicated that upon arrival at the home in Auburn, police discovered two young children unconscious. One of the girls, a child identified as Avalena Conway-Coxon, had been cradled in the arms of Malpass prior to police arriving on scene. A neighbor said that she heard Malpass screaming at some point during the afternoon and that Malpass had run out of the house holding the young girl in her arms before she called for help. The second child, who has not yet been identified by police, was found lying by the door when they entered the premise. Both children were rushed to the hospital—Avalena was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later. The second girl remains in intensive critical care and an immediate update on her condition was not made available.

An autopsy has been performed on Avalena, but an exact cause of death has not been determined at this time. Reports have shown, however, that the young girl that has remained hospitalized showed signs of overheating as well as bruising consistent with that of a seat belt harness. Investigators are looking into the temperature inside the house as a possible contributing factor in this case.

While Kimberly Malpass has not spoken publicly about the matter since being identified, her sister Tamari spoke about the character of her sister and the type of mother she was. Tamari Malpass has stated that since the discovery of the two young girls, Kimberly Malpass has been inconsolable with grief. “She is unable to make a statement at this time due to her complete and utter devastation, so quickly she went from a house filled with joy, laughter, happiness and children one day to a state of shared shock and destruction the next.” Tamari was visibly emotional as she addressed reporters, and stated that she and others felt very strongly that Kimberly was a wonderful, attentive mother to the children in her care. Previously, Kimberly was the foster mother to six other children beginning in 2014. Tamari feels as though what took place inside the home that weekend afternoon is some sort of “freak accident” that she cannot explain.

The kind words offered by Tamari Malpass, as well as the sentiments offered by a friend of Kimberly’s who says that her child was also in the home when the two young girls were found unresponsive, are a stark contrast to reports that have been developing about Kimberly Malpass all week. Malpass had been babysitting her friend’s child the weekend of this horrific discovery—the child’s mother stated that Malpass would watch her daughter every weekend, and that she stands by Kimberly Malpass’s abilities as a parent. Police reports discovered in the past few weeks do not share the same sentimentality. Investigators have indicated that law enforcement officials had been called to Malpass’s home at least 38 times in the past—sometimes for domestic disputes. Malpass also posted bail for an unnamed individual a few years ago. These things were apparently not reviewed prior to the DCF ruling that she was a suitable foster parent for children who were in need.

Now, the family of Avalena Conway-Coxon is looking for answers. They have said that Avalena’s mother was out of jail for drug charges and was on her way to cleaning her life up so she could finally be reunited with her beloved daughter. That reunion will never happen now that little Avalena’s young life has been cut short. Three arrest warrants have been issued so that officials may investigate the Auburn home in an extended effort to determine what happened there that could have led to the heartbreaking discovery inside those walls. Tamari Malpass is standing by her sister; she has said that her and her family are grieving immensely over the loss of Avalena, a young girl whom they cared about deeply. Avalena’s biological family is devastated over the loss of a beacon of light within their lineage. Avalena’s grandfather said that she was already beginning to display musical inclinations as his own father had done. The Conway-Coxon family held a vigil on Wednesday night in an effort to remember the sweet girl that was so abruptly taken from them.

Whether the events that unfolded in Auburn were truly an accident or something more, families and officials alike are seeking answers that may help them explain the events that took place that led to the death of an innocent child.


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