Woburn Woman With Suspended License Leads Massachusetts Police On Chase…And Loses

Poor Louise Nelson! The 49-year-old Woburn woman (hereinafter, the “Defendant”) must have missed my approximately 450 blogs warning people about involuntary indoctrination into the “Hey, I Bet I Can Make This Situation Worse!” club.

You see, the Defendant apparently had a suspended Massachusetts driver’s license. One usually does not need to be a Boston Traffic Attorney to realize that it is a bad idea to be driving under such circumstances.

However, the Defendant was indeed driving according to law enforcement. They say that, at approximately 10 a.m. this morning, Woburn police contacted the state police after noticing that not only was the Defendant driving, but that her vehicle did not have any license plates. This too, as you may know, is a motor vehicle legal no-no. After the local police tried unsuccessfully to stop her, the Defendant had allegedly refused to stop and, instead, drove onto Route 128. There, state police tried to get her to pull over.

They, too, were apparently unsuccessful.

That is, until they used a tire-puncturing device. You would be amazed at how puncturing two tires on a moving automobile will convince the driver of that car to stop.

After the vehicle stopped, the Defendant was much easier to convince to cooperate according to law enforcement.

According to the police, the Defendant’s final tally of criminal charges will include failure to stop, driving with a suspended license and the lack of license plates.

Attorney Sam’s Take Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crimes

Look, driving without a license is a bad idea and a crime. However, it is not Massachusetts murder. However, leading the police on a chase and hitting and killing someone can be vehicular homicide. Also, other crimes can be brought that are much more serious than driving without the license. Furthermore, leading the police on a merry chase gives the prosecution an argument why you should stay locked up pending trial. You will have already shown that you would do whatever you can to “get away”, so why should you be trusted to return to court if bail is set at a reasonable amount?

Finally, down the road at trial, you would have given the prosecution the gift of “consciousness of guilt evidence. They may be thankful, of course, but do not expect their gratitude to help you very much.

One other little thought you might not know. If you’re license is suspended because of a Massachusetts drunk driving conviction (or CWOF), and you drive anyway…you can be held in custody for a period of time without bail, no questions asked.

All in all, it is much easier not to drive when you legally can’t. Second easiest is, if the police are trying to pull you over…pull over. Do not try to outrun, outsmart or outfight the officers. You will not win.

However, if you get an experienced criminal defense attorney to advise and represent you immediately, you may have a chance to win in court.

That just has to beat getting the worst possible result there.

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To view the original story upon part of this blog is based, please go to : http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2011/03/police_arrest_w.html

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