Woburn Superior Court Trial of Ex-Wellesley College Student Accused of Stabbing Her Ex-Boyfriend to Resume

The Massachusetts criminal trial of Anna Tang, an ex-Wellesley College student accused of stabbing her ex-boyfriend seven times, is scheduled to resume tomorrow. The 5-month delay occurred after a psychiatrist, who is a prosecution expert, revised her findings about whether or not Tang was legally insane when she assaulted Wolfe Styke in his MIT dorm in 2007. Tang was charged with Massachusetts armed assault with intent to murder and home invasion.

The psychiatrist, Dr. Allison Fife, had initially been in agreement with other defense experts that Tang could not be held criminally responsible for her actions during the attack because not only was the defendant’s state such that she unable to grasp the scope of wrongfulness of her actions, but also she had been incapable of acting in a manner that adhered to the law. Tang, who has admitted to stabbing Styke, maintains that she had been suffering from bipolar disorder and depression and was legally insane at the time.

According to The Tech, MIT’s newspaper, Tang’s decision to waive her right to a jury trial and seek a bench trial came after Fife made known her initial findings. After Fife changed her mind during the trial, Tang’s Boston criminal defense lawyer requested the delay. Tang’s defense team has alleged that Fife changed her opinion on the trial’s “last day” after having “extensive contact” with Styke’s mom.

Tang’s bench trial is taking place before Judge Bruce Henry who will issue a verdict.

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