U.S. Senator Larry Craig Alleges Entrapment in Audiotape Recording of His Arrest for Lewd Behavior

Authorities have released an audiotape of an interview between Idahoan Senator Larry Craig and the police officer that arrested him at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Craig was arrested earlier this month after allegedly trying to engage in lewd conduct in an airport bathroom. He later pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

In the audiotape, Craig can be heard accusing the arresting officer of trying to entrap him. The officer is heard denying this. He promises not to take Craig to jail if he cooperates and accuses the senator of lying to him repeatedly. The officer can also be heard trying to get Craig to admit to the crime.

On Tuesday, Senator Craig told reporters that he “overreacted and made a poor decision” when he pled guilty and that he did not participate in any “inappropriate conduct” in the airport bathroom.

No sexual contact is said to have taken place. According to the arresting officer, Craig’s foot touched the officer’s foot while they sat next to one another in separate bathroom stalls.

Entrapment might have taken place if it can be proven that an investigating or arresting officer tried to induce a suspect into committing a crime that he or she would otherwise not have committed. It is not, however, considered entrapment if a person intended to commit the crime and law enforcement officers created a situation that allowed the person to do so.

If a defendant can prove that he or she was a victim of entrapment, he or she cannot be found guilty of the crime even if all the evidence points toward guilt.

Actions by police that can are considered entrapment include putting pressure on a defendant to commit the crime (includes harassing, pressuring, or coaxing the suspect) and giving someone a reason to commit the crime.

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