Two Ex-Tufts University Workers Indicted for Stealing Almost $1 Million

Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. announced this week that two former Tufts University workers have been indicted for stealing almost $1 million from the school.

The indictments accuse Josephine Nealley, the former director of the student activities office, and Raymond Rodriguez, the office budget and fiscal coordinator, of stealing university funds in two separate incidents. An anonymous tip led to the discovery that Nealley was controlling bank accounts from the student activities office.

Nealley was indicted on three counts of larceny. She is accused of stealing $372,526. Rodriguez was indicted on two counts of larceny. He is accused of stealing $604,873.

An internal probe determined that Nealley transferred school funds to her personal accounts before making purchases at Whole Foods, Disney Store, Omaha Steak, Foxwoods Resort and Casino, and IKEA. Rodriguez is accused of writing a check to himself from Tufts for $100,000 and using the money to pay personal bills. He also allegedly used Tufts funds to pay for concert tickets, vacations, and designer gear, reportedly shopping at Gucci, Bloomingdale’s, and Prada.

Larceny is the illegal taking and carrying off of personal property without the owner’s permission and with felonious intent to take away the property permanently.

2 accused of stealing nearly $1m from Tufts,, July 2, 2008
Two Former Tufts Employees Indicted For Stealing Nearly $1 Million From University,, July 1, 2008

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