Top Six Criminal Offenses in the U.S.

A wrongful act that is punishable by law is called a crime. Although types and frequency of crime vary widely from place to place, nationwide statistics provide a clearer picture of which criminal offenses are most common in the United States. According to the most recent FBI report, the six most common crimes, in order, are property crimes, drug violations, alcohol-related crimes, violent crimes, and disorderly conduct. Read on for more information about these crimes and what types of behavior they encompass. If you are facing criminal charges, contact a Boston defense lawyer today.

Property crimes:

These types of crimes are typically centered around a property, not a person. For example, theft is a property crime because it involves taking another person’s property without the person’s consent, but robbery – which is another form of theft – is a violent crime because it involves physical harm or threats. Property crimes include:

  • Burglary: Unlawful breaking and entering
  • Larceny-theft: Unlawful taking of property from another’s possession, such as pickpocketing
  • Motor vehicle theft: Taking or attempting to take a motor vehicle from its owner
  • Arson: Willfully burning a property – including your own – with malicious intent

Drug abuse and related offenses: These offenses include unlawful use or possession of illegal drugs, or the manufacture and sale of narcotic drugs. The most common drugs involved in drug abuse violations are cocaine, opium, marijuana (although this becomes legal in MA on December 15, 2016), and synthetic narcotics. Nonnarcotic drugs, such as barbiturates, can also result in drug violations under certain circumstances. If you are facing drug charges, contact a Boston drug defense lawyer today.

Crimes involving alcohol:  These include operating under the influence (OUI), illegal behavior as a consequence of drunkenness (bar fights, public urination), and the violation of state or local liquor laws.

Violent crimes: If the crime involves causing physical harm to another, making a threat of physical harm to another, or attempting to cause physical harm to another, it is considered a violent crime. Violent crimes include murder, manslaughter, robbery, forcible rape, and some types of child abuse and elder abuse.

Disorderly conduct: When your actions result in a public disturbance but present no serious danger to the public, you may be arrested for disorderly conduct. Also known as “disturbing the peace”, disorderly conduct includes screaming obscenities in a public place, shouting late at night, and fighting that doesn’t result in serious injuries. Alcohol is often a factor in disorderly conduct cases.

Fraud: When a person or entity misrepresents certain information so that another person responds to that information in a specific way, it is known as fraud. Typically, the misrepresentation results in the victim’s financial loss. Examples of fraud include identity theft and various kinds of scams. If you’ve been charged with committing fraud, contact a MA defense lawyer today.

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