Three People Arrested in Massachusetts ATM Theft Scam

Police have arrested three men over their alleged involvement in a Massachusetts ATM theft scam. Ivaylo Hristov, Anton Venkov, and Vladislav Vladev are accused of being part of a fraud ring that allegedly has stolen, according to Quincy police, hundreds of thousands of dollars from numerous victims in the Greater Boston Area.

The three men allegedly engaged in “skimming,” which involves people using bank-card readers and tiny cameras to retrieve people’s bank and pin information. The data can then be downloaded onto a card that has a magnetic strip. The card can then work as an ATM card to the victim’s bank account.

Police arrested Hristov, 28, at Citizens Bank in Quincy where he allegedly stole $500 from someone’s ATM bank account. They say he had eight re-coded Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards with him. He also has been charged over his alleged involvement in an ATM theft that took place in Milton.

Venkov, 40, is charged with aiding and abetting the identity fraud scam and also of using counterfeit bank account access codes. Police says that when they arrested Venkov he had $99,100 in cash in his car. Vladev, 36, was detained at Logan International Airport as he was attempting to leave for Germany. He pleaded not guilty to identify fraud and larceny charges.

Police found gadgets and computer equipment in a Weymouth storage unit that they believe belong to Hristov and his alleged cohorts. Authorities say there are other skimming operations in Weymouth, Roslindale, Braintree, Dorchester, and Milton.

Do not give up hope if you have been arrested for allegedly committing a Massachusetts crime. You may have been wrongly charged. There may be evidence that can prove you are not guilty. There may be criminal charges filed against you that can be reduced or dropped. Police may have gone about obtaining the evidence they have in the wrong way and that evidence may now be inadmissible. Your civil rights may have been violated during your arrest or detention.

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