Three Boys and Two Men Charged in Gang-Rape of 7-Year-Old

Two adults and three underage teen boys have been charged in connection with the gang-rape of a 7-year-old girl. The alleged victim’s 15-year-old stepsister has been charged with aggravated assault, promoting prostitution, and other crimes related to the case.

According to police, the 7-year-old was worried about her stepsister’s safety and went with her to a party. The teen had sex with a number of men in exchange for payment and also charged them to touch the 7-year-old. Police say that the touching became forcible sex and that seven men ended up raping the young girl. The men are accused of threatening to kill the 7-year-old if she screamed or reported the incident.

Among those arrested are 20-year-old Gregory Joseph Leary and 19-year-old Timear Lewis. The others that were apprehended are ages 17, 14, and 13. All five of them were charged with child endangerment and aggravated sexual assault. Leary has also been charged with having sex with a juvenile (the 15-year-old) too young to consent. The assault allegedly took place on March 28.

Even though nearly everyone arrested are juveniles, prosecutors may attempt to try everyone as adults.

Massachusetts Sex Crimes
You could find yourself in big legal trouble if charged with a Boston sexual assault crime. A conviction can lead to years in prison and a lifetime on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board, which will brand you as a convicted sex offender. It can be difficult to move on even after you have already completed your sentence and other penalties.

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You deserve to be represented by a Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense firm that is committed to advocating for your rights and providing you with the best defense possible. If you’re a juvenile charged with committing a serious sex crime, a good Boston sexual crimes lawyer can try to bring the charges to juvenile court.

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