As, apparentl less important, criminal mysteries remain open in the United States, we are spending time, money and media attention on the mysteries of men hiring women for sex in another country.

Members of our military and national security organizations, have fallen prey to the ultimate evil which lurks in the heart of human society. It seems like only yesterday that the Boston Criminal Lawyer Blog was discussing our heroic and intrepid law enforcement officers of Massachusetts and their fight against this crime.

Actually, it was late last week.

In any event, the episode which brings endings to careers and embarrassment to our administration has shown that the sex industry, prostitution primarily, is an international industry.

The event took place just prior to President Barack Obama’s trip to Columbia for the Summit of the Americas. The results?

Approximately 11 Secret Service employees are under investigation; two have been fired and another has apparently decided to suddenly retire.

House homeland security chairman Representative Peter King told CNN yesterday that he expects more Secret Service employees to leave the agency as soon as today. Apparently, all the suspects are also being tested for evidence of drug use…although there have been no allegations of drugs having been involved in the incident.

The other eight members allegedly involved in the scandal are on administrative leave and have had their security clearances suspended, according to the Secret Service. Ten military personnel are also being probed for their possible participation in the incident.

The allegations brought against these people? They cavorted with prostitutes as they were awaiting the arrival of their Commander-In-Chief in Colombia.

In an election year, yet!

The men were all part of the “jump team” that flies in on military transport planes with the presidential limousine and other vehicles to be used in the president’s motorcade. They apparently arrived the morning of the incident, raising questions about whether the activity had been planned in advance. Previously plotted or not, they are accused of bringing prostitutes to Cartagena’s Hotel El Caribe ahead of last week’s visit by the president.

According to sources, the alleged prostitutes — the youngest of whom were in their early 20s — had all signed in at the hotel, where the Secret Service members apparently stayed, flashing their local ID cards.

You may be wondering what brought the event to light.

Apparently, there was a bit of an altercation. One of the denizens of the night was disputing the amount she was to be paid for services rendered.

I seem to remember hearing something about being “penny-wise and pound-foolish” when I was growing up…

Attorney Sam’s Take On Prostitution, Military Law And, Well, Sex

The embarrassment to the present administration is perhaps aggravated because of what happened during the last democratic presidency. It was not so long ago that we underwent the hysteria during the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, because of a similar travesty.

It was similar in that involved sex.

As you no doubt know, the revelation that our leaders might have their own sexual proclivities, is a horror we would much rather avoid. However, President Clinton not only had the temerity to have unaccepted sexual relations with an intern, but he had the unmitigated gall to lie about it before wife and country.

This included the crime of perjury.

Now, we deal with and even worse national tragedy. Members of the media members of the military and Secret Service have allegedly associated with prostitutes in another country.

Unlike more local mind-bending issues such as whether or not to bring charges against Mr. Zimmerman down in Florida, our national leaders have been able to take swift action. People are fired. People are forced to retire. Frankly, I don’t know what is taking so long for the caning to begin.

Of all the misdeeds our governmental agencies have carried out.,. surely this I the worst of it, right?

By the way, has anybody stopped to wonder whether or not prostitution is legal in Colombia?

In fact, what controls, if any, exist regarding the sex industry in Columbia? Does it matter?

What does military law say?

Stay tuned to my next blog.

You may be surprised where this discussion ends up!

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