Teen Mother Accused of Throwing Her Newborn Baby 17-Feet Down Into Alley Pleads Not Guilty to Massachusetts Reckless Endangerment and Assault and Battery of a Child Under 14

The teen mother accused of throwing her newborn 17 feet into an East Boston Alley after giving birth to him in a bathtub on September 20 has been arraigned. In East Boston District Court on Tuesday, 18-year-old Eva Flores pleaded not guilty to the charges of Massachusetts assault and battery of a child under 14 with injuries and reckless endangerment of a child.

Flores, who is not only an East Boston High School student but also an illegal alien from El Salvador, is being held on a federal immigration detainee. Bail has been set at $1,500.

According to prosecutors, Flores was trying to keep her pregnancy a secret. She gave birth at the apartment where she lived with her stepbrother and mother. The baby boy, whose name is Angel, was severely injured during the fall. His injured include brain swelling, brain seizures, brain lesions, hypothermia, facial and head abrasions, seizures, hemorrhaging, and bleeding at multiple points. Some of his injuries are likely permanent.

Flores has said that she wants to keep her child. Angel is now in the custody of child welfare authorities but continues to stay at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Prosecutor Leora Joseph contends that Flores tried to conceal her actions by taking off the bathtub drain, shoving her umbilical cord down it, and then putting the grate back on. She was recently evaluated at Massachusetts General Hospital and a psychiatrist has been monitoring her since the incident.

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