Teen Charged in Hyannis Double Shooting Wasn’t Convincingly Identified, Says His Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer

19-year-old Browning Mejia’s Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer is arguing that his client should never have been indicted over a January 15, 2009 shooting in Hyannis. The attorney claims that witnesses did not convincingly identify the teen.

Mejia is accused of being one of two masked persons to shoot a parked car whose occupants were allegedly there to purchase drugs from him. Two men sustained bullet wounds from the 15 to 20 rounds that were fired into the Chevy Impala.

A woman who had been in the back seat told cops that she recognized the teenager’s voice. She also says that because his mask was down she was able to see his face. This week, Mejia’s defense attorney argued that the woman has changed her story. He also said that no one who stood before the grand jury was able to ID his client as one of the shooters.

Mejia was charged with Massachusetts assault with a dangerous weapon and armed assault with a deadly weapon.

Mistaken Identity Arrests
If Mejia was indeed wrongly identified as the suspect in the shooting, he is not alone. According to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, at least one person is mistakenly identified and arrested on a daily basis. In most cases, the person is released soon after the mistake is discovered. Arrest warrants incorrectly naming someone are even issued.

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It is a serious matter to be arrested for a crime. Whether or not you were wrongly arrested, it is important that you have an experienced Boston criminal defense lawyer by your side. Massachusetts assault charges come with harsh punishments if you are convicted.

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