Suffolk Prosecutors Drop Aggravated Rape Charge Against Woburn, Massachusetts Man

Woburn, Massachusetts resident Nicholas Chiaraluce has been cleared of the aggravated rape charge in an incident involving an unconscious woman in the bathroom of the Felt nightclub. In Boston Municipal Court today, the charges against him were formally withdrawn.

Boston police arrested Chiaraluce after the January 19 incident. Following the arrest, he pled not guilty to the rape charge and was released on bail. He says he was trying to help the woman and had even asked a friend to come to the club to assist them.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office says that the Commonwealth has determined that it does not have evidence to prove that Chiaraluce committed the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

Chiaraluce applauded his exoneration. He says that he and the woman had consensual sex. He also criticized police for arresting him without speaking to the woman.

Boston police maintain, however, that credible witnesses had said that the Woburn man was seen performing a sex act on a woman who was unconscious-which indicated that she might have not able to give her consent.

Tests showed the woman had alcohol in her system. Her friends have also said that Chiaraluce did not sexually assault her.

Chiaraluce reportedly lost a job opportunity because of the arrest.

Woburn man cleared of rape criticizes Boston police, Boston Globe, March 5, 2008

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