State and Local Police Bust Heroin Ring in Quincy and Surrounding Towns

On Thursday, June 25th of this year, Quincy police reported that they seized a large supply of heroin that a drug delivery service had been planning on distributing across various nearby cities. The heroin seized by law enforcement officials is said to be worth around $150,000. Quincy police, as well as state troopers and police officers from five other departments spread out across Quincy, Braintree, Randolph, and Brockton in an intense effort to seize the drugs contained in three different “stash houses” within the area. During the operation, police made four arrests, seized three separate vehicles, and found over $25,000 in cash along with the supply of heroin.

The Lieutenant Detective for the Quincy Police Department, Patrick Glynn, has said that the investigation stemming from these actions is currently ongoing, and that they also expect to make more arrests in relation to these events. He believes that if police enforcement is able to take away the key factors that drive these types of delivery services, it may halt wrong-doers in their tracks. Lt. Detective Glynn says that if they are able to take away the profits, product, and transportation used, then law enforcement officials will consider their efforts to be a success.

The group of individuals involved in this extensive drug delivery service was using the products for personal use, and they were also distributing the drugs in bulk to people who contacted them via specific phone numbers. Lt. Detective Glynn went on to say that in addition to the phone calls being placed for these drugs, there also appeared to be a lot of activity surrounding the home on Euclid Avenue in Quincy where they made their discoveries. This rise in activity prompted concern from neighbors in the area—neighbors who just wanted to see their street restored to what it had once been before a drug operation opened its doors nearby.

Two people were arrested on site at the “stash house” located on Euclid Avenue, and two others were arrested in relation to the drug operation at a traffic stop located near Furnace Brook Parkway. The individuals arrested were 25 year old Jordan Martinez from Dorchester, 21 year old Alexa Geracie of Plymouth, 22 year old Luis Guerrero of Chelsea, and 34 year old Brian Stuart of Quincy. Each of the individuals, with the exception of Brian Stuart, has been charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws as well as trafficking more than 200 grams of heroin. Brian Stuart, however, is only being charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws.

The other stash houses located on Bridle Path Circle in Randolph and Fenton Street in Brockton resulted in police seizing three vehicles—a Mercedes Benz, an Infiniti, and a Honda Accord.

Although Lt. Detective Glynn anticipates the raids that took place on Thursday will only deter the heroin supply in Quincy for a few days, law enforcement officials are counting this as a victory despite that fact. They made the streets a little safer, and halted the possibility of further drugs being distributed by these individuals. Every small step is a step toward a great triumph.

And Lt. Detective Glynn also wants those who plan to rebuild this operation to know one thing—the police will be there to take down that initiative, too.

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