A few words of alleged wisdom to our younger readers and those who love them.

School is not quite over yet! Parties are for good times spent with friends! Stabbing people in throwing bricks at them do not qualify as fun times!

They qualify as felonies, such as Massachusetts assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and potentially assault with intent to commit murder.

This past weekend, it would appear that these words were forgotten. It took place in Springfield at a high school graduation party.

Things apparently were fine until some uninvited guests decided to attend. Their attendance included the stabbing of two guests as well as hitting the host in the head with a brick.

You may have thought that this would be enough to get someone in trouble under normal circumstances. You would be correct. However, this was not normal circumstances. This house is owned by a retired Springfield police officer. He has vowed that the culprits would be captured.

Homeowner Anthony Trabal says the crashers “are going to get caught and justice will be held.”

One or more suspects were seen leaving the party in a white, two-door Toyota Solara, but apparently have not yet been arrested.

Attorney Sam’s Take On Assaults At Parties

It is not unusual for us to have a story or two like this during this particular season. I know that this matter allegedly involves folks who were crashing the party, but, particularly when alcohol or drugs are involved…violence sometimes comes.

I note that there is no report of either alcohol or drugs in this story. Of course, given that it is for high school students, one would think not.

The point is still repeating about what can happen at parties…be they high school or college parties. We have discussed many unfortunate events taking place at such parties over the years.

In the “old days”, some of these fights were not prosecuted. There were considered just “the kids getting alittle out of hand”. Not anymore.

Whoever gets arrested for these crimes are likely looking at very serious criminal charges. Their ages are not clear in the story, but they are likely to be charged as adults and indicted.

By the way, the actual culprits in this matter are not the ONLY kids at risk in the area. Given who the homeowner is, and the fact that it was his son who got hit with the brick, you can be sure that the police will be quite serious about catching suspects. Given that days have gone by, the potential that the wrong people will be grabbed has increased.

As the criminal investigation continues, more pressure is likely to be brought to the feet of potential witnesses as well. While the kids may not have to actually speak to the police, they should be reminded that they cannot lie to investigators.

That would be another felony charge. The fact that the officers are allowed by law to lie to them notwithstanding.

It sounds like a number of kids in Springfield should be asking their parents for money to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Of course, it may be best for many of these kids to talk to the police openly and honestly. But, if they want to be sure that said openness and honesty is going two ways…without any traps set awaiting their footsteps…an experienced lawyer would still be the best bet.

For the original story upon which this blog was based, please go to http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/05/2_stabbed_1_hit_with_brick_at_springfield_party

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