South Of Boston Armed Robbery Suspects Are Arrested In Continuing Investigation By The Police

I’ve regretted at times that I never had a brother. I’ll bet that summertime can be great fun for two brothers. The weather is nicer, there is no school, and the possibilities seem endless. Of course, for some brothers, perhaps the “endless” part can be a bit of a problem. Let’s take two brothers from the south of Boston city of Brockton. It would seem that, armed with their own attorney, they are about to share something new…court dates.

You see, John S., 19, and Jose A, 32, of Brockton (hereinafter, the “Defendants”), are now suspects of at least two armed robberies in their home city according to the police. The Defendants were arrested last Thursday.

The younger brother is suspected of robbing a deliveryman from Five Star Pizza with another man at gunpoint. In that event, the deliveryman was allegedly lured to an abandoned house with a fake order and then robbed. As we discussed last Thursday, ironically, a robbery combines the elements of larceny and, physical force…usually with an assault. In this case, the charge would be, at least, assault with a dangerous weapon, to wit: the gun. At any rate, the young man was spotted at a Burger King at the Brockton Fair Thursday night at around 9:00pm due to a photo identification which had taken place earlier. He was arrested for the armed robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (the gun) and larceny from a person.

Earlier that day, at around 6:30 p.m., officer William Carpenter arrested the elder brother in connection with a mugging at knife-point that had occurred June 25 at 12:45 a.m. on Denton Street.

The two arrests follow a recent string of armed robberies throughout the city, including recent holdups on Warren Avenue at Prestige Gas on May 23 and Burrito Wraps on July 1.

Police are not yet saying if all the robberies, including the unsolved Warren Avenue ones, are related. On the other hand, law enforcement is saying that, “We don’t necessarily think they’re unrelated. The investigation is going to continue. We feel as though there will be more arrests.”

Attorney Sam’s Take:

While law enforcement plays it cute as to whether or not they think there is a connection between two brothers performing basically the same criminal act in the same area around the same time might be connected in some way, let’s look at what “continuing investigation” probably means in this case.

We have discussed a number of times in this daily criminal law blog that law enforcement often pressures some alleged criminal types to recognize the error of their ways and aid the government in the pursuit of other, arguably “badder” guys. In this case, there is already an observation that at least one of these robberies took place with another gentleman. Further, it is likely that the police are not foolishly optimistic to think that these two brothers were the sole source of the robberies of Brockton.

And so, as the rest of us recover from our celebrations of freedom, the Defendants are likely getting ready to begin, if not simply continue, offers of aid from their adversaries. You know the drill. It is the “Hey, We Understand You Just Made A Mistake/Let Us Help You Out In Doing The “Right Thing” And We Can Give You A Break” game. The game has a way of turning informants against informants, friends against friends and family members against family members. After all, nobody actually wants to go to prison with felony convictions.

Like the game or hate it…it does tend to work. At least in the gathering up of future defendants. Whether the charges are accurate or simply a way of pulling a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card…well, is basically determined on a case-by-case basis.
However, be aware that there could be someone out there, who sees you as a potential card to play in the game…guilty or not. So, should you even suspect yourself in that situation, it best to take the cautious route. Namely, call an experienced criminal defense attorney to advise you of your rights and, if necessary, defend you.

Unless, that is, you would rather simply play the game.

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