Sixth Family Members Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

Six family members have been arrested in connection with a child sex abuse investigation involving at least six alleged victims. The men who were arrested are Mohler brothers Burrell Edward, 53, David, 52, Jared Leroy, 48, and Roland Neil, 47, their 77-year-old father Burrell Edward Mohler, Sr., and his 72-year-old brother Darrel. Criminal charges against them include deviate sexual assault, rape, and use of a child in sexual performance. More charges are expected.

The Mohlers are accused of sexually abusing six of their relatives when the alleged victims were minors. Now adults, the people who have come forward are accusing the men of rape, forced abortions, mock weddings, and sexual performances.

Darrel Mohler, who has been charged with two counts of rape of a child under 14, says he knew “what was going on in Missouri” and had not been there since the ’80s. He is accused of raping two relatives, age 6 and 5, during a sleepover. According to prosecutors, after the alleged incident, Burrell Mohler Sr. told the crying girls to be careful that the waterbed didn’t burst and drown them.

Another man, Mark Young, says his son is also a sex abuse victim. Young’s ex-wife married Burrell Edward Mohler Jr. Young says his son was 7 at the time of the alleged child sex abuse.

The alleged assaults are said to have occurred between the mid ’80’s and at least through the mid 90’s. Police are looking for at least one body.

Burrell Mohler Sr., Jared Mohler, and David Mohler are lay ministers with the Community of Christ Church, which has since suspended their priesthood licenses.

Another man, Mohler family associate Larry Kidd, was arrested but later released. At this time he has not been charged and is working with investigators.

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