Singer Chris Brown to Appear in Court Over Domestic Violence-Related Allegations Involving Pop Star Rihanna

Performer Chris Brown is due in court today over allegations that he assaulted pop star Rihanna, who is his girlfriend. According to a police search warrant, he is accused of biting and beating the 21-year-old pop star during an alleged domestic violence altercation that took place in his rented Lamborghini on the night before the Grammy Awards last month.

The couple were reportedly riding in the vehicle together when they got into a fight. He allegedly tried to make her get out of the car, but she was wearing a seat belt. He then allegedly punched her a number of times and bit her fingers and ears, even threatening to kill the female singer.

Someone who heard the couple arguing after they stopped in an affluent residential area reportedly called 911. By the time police arrived at the scene, Brown was no longer there but a woman was found beaten and bruised next to his Lamborghini rental. There are some reports indicating that Rihanna’s blood was reportedly found spattered in the car.

The 19-year-old singer was arrested on February 8 under suspicion of making criminal threats. Brown is also under investigation for felony battery. Prosecutors, however, have yet to charge him for any crime. Experts have been commenting that a plea agreement might be under negotiation to prevent felony charges from being filed against Brown.

In the meantime, the media is reporting that Brown and Rihanna reconciled last weekend and the couple are back together again despite the alleged assault incident. According to experts, a criminal case against him may be difficult to pursue if she won’t testify against him.

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