Several Reports of Holiday Decoration Theft in Middleborough

Middleborough police have received 12 reports of holiday decoration theft from front lawns since the beginning of the month. Among the items stolen were reindeer, lights, inflatable snowmen, Santas and a Grinch, nativity sets, and a Santa Claus mailbox.

The mailbox, which belonged to 77-year-old Robert Algier, was found in a nearby yard and returned days later. One reindeer was found on another street. Partly because of this, police have suspected that the thefts involve teenaged pranksters. Adding to that suspicion, police got their first and only lead Tuesday night with a report of two teenagers in a white car in the area of an inflatable-Santa theft. Police told a local news station that if the culprit or culprits are caught, a prosecution for destruction of property will follow.

Theft of outdoor holiday decorations is nothing new. Around this time every year, we hear about this kind of activity. While almost always intended as a prank, the potential consequences are not a joke. Penalties for destruction of property and larceny can involve fines, restitution, community service or even jail time. If the person/persons involved in these incidents are teenagers, as police suspect, they may find themselves in the awkward position of explaining a criminal conviction on a college application or at a job interview. That’s why it is important to talk to an experienced defense lawyer.

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