Several Criminal Charges Dropped Against Carnival Worker Accused of Raping Two Teens in Massachusetts

In Boston, prosecutors have dropped a number of the criminal charges filed against carnival worker Jeffrey Witham. The 19-year-old who was accused of raping two teenagers, ages 13 and 14, in Marshfield, had been charged with two counts of statutory rape, two counts of rape of a child with force, indecent assault and battery of a child, as well as kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Witham is accused of having sex with the young girls after meeting them at the carnival. Police arrested him after the father of one of the girls reported the alleged sexual attacks.

Since then, one of the girls has recanted her accusations against him and the other girl has revised her account of the incident. Following the dropped charges of one count each of rape of a child with force, kidnapping, and assault and battery, Boston Superior Court Judge Joseph Walker released Witham from jail and said that the teenager will only need to post the $50,000 bail if he violates the conditions of his release. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office dropped the charges after it concluded that there was not enough evidence to support them being filed.

Bail had initially been set to $150,000 until the girls’ revised their accounts of what happened. One girl even admitted to having consensual sex with Witham. The 19-year-old’s criminal defense attorney says he is the victim of a ‘set-up” by the young teens.

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