Revere Police Seek Help After Five Suspects Flee From Accident Scene

A car chase that took place in Revere, Massachusetts has responding police officers for the city and state searching for five suspects following their pursuit of the individuals in question. According to preliminary reports provided for the situation, Revere Police Officers and State Police Officers are seeking help from the public after they lost sight of five suspects whose vehicle crashed into a convenience store following a car chase with the police.

Initial reports for the accident and subsequent investigation into the matter have stated that Massachusetts State Police troopers had been chasing a car that was connected to an armed robbery in a nearby area when the crash occurred. While attempting to flee from the Massachusetts State Police, the suspects crashed their vehicle into the front of a Tedeschi’s convenience store. The convenience store is located on Shirley Avenue in Revere and suffered extensive damage to the façade following the accident. Reports have indicated that while the Tedeschi’s store was open at the time of the accident, there were no injuries reported from patrons who may have been inside at the time.

After crashing their vehicle into the front of the store, the five suspects quickly exited and fled from police officers on foot. Police have not immediately provided a physical description of the suspects in question, but they have asked for assistance from any possible witnesses who saw either the armed robbery earlier in the evening or the ensuing chase and crash that took place afterward. No word has been given on whether any of the suspects may have sustained injuries following the crash into the convenience store.

Police officials have indicated that they had initially received a call around midnight, prior to the chase, to report an armed robbery. The armed robbery took place near the Revere Beach MBTA station, and reports have indicated that one of the five suspects had been in possession of a knife during the robbery. Additional information on the robbery and the victims involved was not made immediately available. It is unclear at this time if anyone suffered injuries in relation to the robbery at the MBTA station.

Following the information that had been relayed in regards to the robbery, Massachusetts State Police spotted and identified the vehicle that was being sought in connection with the earlier crime. They attempted to pull the vehicle over and apprehend the suspects when the ensuing chase began. It was not clear how long the police officers were in pursuit of the suspects prior to when the accident at the convenience store took place. No word has been given yet on the extent of the damage sustained by the Tedeschi store. It appears as though pursuing officers remained unharmed following the incident.

Revere Police Department is requesting that anyone with any additional information in regards to the events that took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning to please contact the department, no matter how relevant they believe the information may be.


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