Raid Targets Alleged Drug Ring in Boston Area

Juan Guzman, accused of running a multimillion-dollar drug ring from behind bars, has been arrested along with his sister and about a dozen others accused of being connected to the operation. On Monday, 100 Boston police officers and FBI agents moved in just after dawn in about twelve different locations across Boston, Milton and Canton. In doing so, they dismantled one of the largest drug investigations in Boston in over a decade.

Authorities seized about $500,000 and a large amount of cocaine, the exact quantity of which is still being calculated. Officials have described the organization as “highly organized” and “violent,” linking them to a number of incidents-including a triple homicide that occurred in 2010-within the Boston area.

The alleged leader of the ring, Carlos Guzman, directed operations while serving at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Concord. His sister, Maria Guzman, worked as a secretary at the Dorchester Juvenile Court and is accused of facilitating the organization’s activities by maintaining bank accounts and a safety deposit box. The federal Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, which was designed to fight drug activity in and around Boston, was utilized in taking down the Guzman ring.

14 held in raids of alleged drug ring, The Boston Globe, July 10, 2012

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