Prosecutors Dismiss Case Against Britney Spears Following Mistrial in Her Driving Without a Valid License Case

Prosecutors say that they are dismissing the criminal case against Britney Spears, who was charged with driving without a valid license. The news comes after a mistrial was declared in her case on Tuesday, following a jury deadlock of 10-2 in favor of acquitting the pop star.

The case is related to a motor vehicle crash in August 2007 involving Spears and another vehicle in Los Angeles. At the time of the crash, Spears reportedly was not driving with a valid California driver’s license. She was, however, carrying a valid Louisiana driver’s license. A misdemeanor hit-and-run charge against Spears for the accident was dropped last year.

While the defense argued that Louisiana was the singer’s place of residence when the crash occurred, the prosecution argued that Spears should have been driving with a California driver’s license because Los Angeles is her permanent home. Three witnesses testified during her trial.

If Spears had been convicted of driving without a valid license in California, she would have ended up with a misdemeanor conviction and a criminal record. The penalty for the conviction is up to six months in jail, but prosecutors say that the performer would more likely have been fined and placed on probation.

Driving without a Valid License in Massachusetts
In Massachusetts, you must have a valid license or permit to drive a motor vehicle in the state. If your license was revoked or suspended, then you do not have a valid license.

It is illegal for you to drive without a valid license, and you will face a criminal motor vehicle violation if you are apprehended. You could face a fine and jail time if convicted.

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