Police in Massachusetts Are Still Searching for Gunman that Murdered Roxbury Woman

Authorities in Massachusetts are still looking for the person that murdered Danielle Grady, the Roxbury woman that was shot to death outside an apartment building on Saturday on Dunkeld Street in Dorchester. Earlier news reports had speculated that she was gunned down because she had witnessed an earlier murder, but Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley says that Grady was not an official witness in any upcoming homicide trial.

A man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt allegedly fired at least 11 rounds of bullets at Grady, who was seated inside a parked Mazda, at around 3:15 on Saturday morning.
The Roxbury resident was struck by bullets at least nine times during the attack.

Investigators did their best to preserve the crime scene by taking the Mazda, which was filled with bullets, back to the crime lab at the Boston police headquarters with Grady’s body still in the back seat where she died. Police are looking for possible motives for her killing.

Her boyfriend, Jeffrey Jones, was gunned down in a similar manner while in a car on Shandon Road in Dorchester in July. Jones’ friend, Jarrid Campbell, was also killed in the shooting crime. Friends say that Grady was not at the scene when the murders took place.

On the afternoon after Grady’s murder, a blue minivan drove by the murder scene where Grady was killed and fired gunshots into the area. The Youth Violence Strike Force apprehended the van in Dorchester. Four suspects were apprehended following a chase on foot and two guns were recovered.

Massachusetts is one of the states with the toughest laws regarding gun and weapons possession. Illegal possession of a firearm can lead to a mandatory jail time of eighteen months if you are convicted. This minimum sentence requirement can also be extended if this is not your first conviction.

A person can also be convicted with unlawful firearm possession if you are apprehended with a gun and you do not have a FID (firearms identification) card.

A person can also be charged with unlawful possession of an illegal weapon if they are apprehended carrying certain kinds of knives, metallic knuckles, a blowgun, a nunchaku, kung fu sticks, a manrikigusari, or other kinds of weapons.

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