One Of Two Suspects Arrested In Brookline Rape Case

Boston-area police have been searching for two suspects in connection with a reported rape in the Coolidge Corner area of Brookline. Today, an arrest was made.

Brookline Police say that they believe that the man they arrested this morning is one of the two alleged rapists who abducted and raped a 30-year old woman as she left a taxi on Harvard Street early Tuesday morning. The arrest came after the police spotted a red pickup truck that matched the truck used in the attack. Two Boston police officers working in Brighton saw the vehicle. They then passed on the information to investigators in Brookline.

Authorities continue to search for the second suspect. No additional information was released about the arrest, but a press release will be issued later today said the police spokesman.

Attorney Sam’s Take:

The recent rape matter has had the Coolidge Corner area understandably concerned. It is a popular spot for all ages at varying hours of the day and night. It is not usually considered a “dangerous area”.

Rape cases like this demand public attention and, therefore, additional pressure is put on law enforcement to find those believed responsible. Of course, an arrest for any type of sexual assault is one in which the defendant faces pre-trial detention, potential jail time if convicted, and potentially life-long registering as a sex offender. Therefore, the stakes could not be higher for all concerned.

Both as a prosecutor and defense attorney I have handled a great many sexual assault matters. The evidentiary issues involved can be complicated. Modern forensic science, for example, has grown light-years since I graduated from law school close to 25 years ago. The territory, both in legal and scientific procedures continue to change. If you find yourself accused in such a matter, you need an attorney with experience.

As facts of this arrest as well as the investigation continues, we will be watching, along with the rest of the Commonwealth, to observe and explain what might be happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime, if you believe you are being investigated for a sexual assault case, or if you have been arrested for one, and you wish to discuss the case, feel free to do so by calling me at 617-492-3000.

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